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PlayStation 4 will work with Xbox One's HDMI pass-through port

Later in the presentation, when Panello discussed the Xbox One's ability to snap applications to the side of the screen during gameplay, he said "any application can be snapped to a game…this could be the live TV feed, so if you wanted to be playing Ryse and Killzone at the same time, you could snap that." (PS4, Xbox One)

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black0o  +   558d ago | Well said
that's great for those lucky rich Ba#$% who will get both consoles
ZHZ90  +   558d ago
Defintely a person who'll end up with both yep, he'll be lucky.
NewMonday  +   558d ago
for a multi-console owner this will be the perfect setup, I'm sure most will use it this way.

snap from Halo to Killzone
stay in touch with 2 social networks simultaneously

the problem is this will cost $900 + $110 per year
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Eonjay  +   558d ago
This can be used to do direct comparisons of multiplatform titles on the same screen... its coming.
Sitdown  +   558d ago
I have never paid over $40 for Xbox live, and got my psn+ for cheaper..... if you pay $110, you are doing it wrong.
P0werVR  +   558d ago

That's what I like!!

I love this so much for first time I skipped the article.


"Defintely a person who'll end up with both yep, he'll be lucky"

Yes sir, that's ME. Day One then 2 months after next year.
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Army_of_Darkness  +   558d ago
"The Xbox One's HDMI pass-through port will support "any HDMI device", including the PlayStation 4, Microsoft confirmed during its presentation at the Tokyo Game Show. "

If you can't beat'em! Join'em!
Liefx  +   558d ago
I'm getting both, and I'm certainly not rich. I just don't mind being in debt lol
darthv72  +   558d ago
@army...i see what you did there. join'em as in plug them together.

Yeah, that's what i intend to do with the ps4/xb1.
dantesparda  +   558d ago
"PlayStation 4 will work with Xbox One's HDMI pass-through port"

No sh*t, we've already knew this. Also you dont have to be rich to own both. I own both (the 360/PS3) and i aint rich. And i could definitely afford both (X1 and PS4) but dont wanna do that.
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tokugawa  +   558d ago
ill be doing that at the end of november..

very nice. i might even do some side-by-side comparisons with multi-plats
Syntax-Error  +   558d ago

Not everyone is 16 years old like yourself. We dont save our money to "hook up" our cars. Grown ass men(like myself) have cars for transportation and take us to jobs that make us a lot of money. Maybe when you get older and realize that cars get into accidents and those $1500 rims, $800 stereo, and $500 exhaust dont mean shit.

FTR-There's not much to hook up on a Mercedes S500. Only those POS little go-karts you kids drive get tricked out. You don't tinker with art
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BattleAxe  +   558d ago
People can watch Sony's Internet TV through an Xbox One.....fantastic...
PSX04  +   557d ago
why i must buy xbone if i can directly matching my ps4 with my hd tv through hdmi cable ..... fuck you microsoft
meatysausage  +   558d ago
Not true, I have just saved up quite a while to afford both. Almost a year now so not everyone is rich
Darth Gamer  +   558d ago
Same here, Both are already paid for. Not rich by any stretch, just smart with my money.
xxxsiegezzz  +   558d ago
Why would you save to 2 consoles when you could buy one and a lot of games to it or use that money for an exsample to your car?
It's just plain stupid
MWong  +   558d ago
Probably because they are gamers and they like something that both consoles offer on their own. People have been doing it for years, since NES vs Sega. I had a PS3 & XB360.

I myself will eventually get a XBone. Only thing is the money I could buy an XBone with now, I used to buy more PS4 games.
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creatchee  +   558d ago

"Why would you save to 2 consoles when you could buy one and a lot of games to it...?"

Darth Gamer  +   558d ago

I love games no matter what platform they are on. Not a fanboy of either but only a fan of good games.

Just think that if I didn't have a PS3, I would never have had a chance to play the uncharteds or the last of Us and same goes for the Gears series or the first Dead Rising ETC, Etc... I like to have choices and the freedom to play what I find interesting. Plus, I have 4 children who also like to game. We also have a Wii U and a Wii and a PS2 and XBOX and PS1 as well as my VITA and a bunch of Nintendo handhelds. Just love games in general. Cheers.
BallsEye  +   558d ago
No need to be rich to do that. I was thinking same when I was in my teens. Money ain't that hard to get if you're not lazy. Getting 2x xbox one on release date. Ps4 probably next year if some games I like will come out.
BLAKHOODe  +   558d ago
You don't have to be rich to get both. I'm getting both and I'm far from rich.

You've had since June to pre-order. Most places let you make payments on pre-orders, so that's less than $200/month for both consoles, making it VERY affordable even for a poor mofo such as myself. My PS4 is already paid off and I only owe another $150 on my Xbox One. If I can do it, anybody can.
THamm  +   558d ago
Yeah but would the screen quality diminish? I mean taking it through an extra component to get to the TV, instead of straight through. I would rather plug it straight to TV, can't afford any lag
Cueil  +   558d ago
<_< I'm not sure I'd call myself a rich bitch... using old Xbox 360 games to pay for PS4 and paying for Xbox One straight up
swerve121  +   558d ago
Im getting both
MineHaxx  +   558d ago
You should be happy,Xbox One costs 3700 ILS(1000$) and PS4 3000 ILS (850$).(Israel)
Crazyglues  +   558d ago
-But who's silly enough to get both consoles this time around...

I know for me, after MS's first press conference I pretty much wrote Xbox one off as a complete lost...

-and put that $500 dollars towards PS4 games and extra controller, so thanks MS I normally get both but-because of MS I am going to have an amazing PS4 launch, -every game they drop and an extra controller and stand and hard-drive upgrade-

||.........___||............ ||
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Gamingsince75   557d ago | Spam
infamousinfolite  +   558d ago
Me: "Xbox... Play PS4!"
Xbox: "Sorry you must be a Gold member in order to access this function"
Jambab  +   558d ago
I don't see the advantage of this, why boot up your Xbox One to view your PlayStation 4?

The only benefit I can see is so that you can chat to your Xbox friends while playing but other than that, I see no real benefit.
dumahim  +   558d ago
Pretty sure the Xbox doesn't need to be on to pass through the HDMI signal.
meatysausage  +   558d ago
Really? how does that work
CBaoth  +   558d ago
@eggnog - I would imagine just like VCRs did back in the 80s and 90s. You have an input and an output. You didn't need to have the VCR always turned on to watch TV back then unless your set couldn't pick up channels past 13.

XB1 is designed to have cable boxes plugged in; forcing consumers to turn on their XB1 in order to watch TV would be momumentally short-sighted.
These consoles are vampiric so they're always going to be "on" in some capacity anway.
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Deadpoolio  +   558d ago
UH yeah it does....Do you not know how electronics work.....It makes so much sense to have 2 devices on to use 1 when you could just use the 1
MarkusMcNugen  +   558d ago
It shouldnt need to be turn on fully to pass HDMI to the TV. Basically, the device never actually powers down unless you unplug it. It goes into an extreme low level power state. So you only really need to turn the PS4 "On" to pass the HDMI to your tv through the Xbox One.

Uh, no it doesnt. You dont know how electronics work apparently.
Sitdown  +   558d ago
Simple benefit, one less HDMI port you have to use on your TV. I won't do it though because I am interested in the TV features if compatible with my service provider.
strickers  +   558d ago
That is not a reason. Buy a switching box for a few quid.
Audiggity  +   558d ago
Or buy a receiver and do it properly... you should never need more than 1 HDMI slot in your TV if you do it right :)

Then use the pass-through for the enhanced Cable features.

Saving an HDMI port in the back of your receiver.
Sitdown  +   558d ago
Ummm, it is a reason.....especially if someone does not want to spend a few quid, when this could work for them for free.
Death  +   558d ago
Xbox One will go into a low power or standby mode. This is so you can walk into the room and say "Xbox on" and have it power on before you even sit down. The idea is to have the system always connected so you always have access to your social network of friends and can or atleast could share content at all times.

If you use the Xbox One as intended, you won't boot up to use it to pass the signal, it will already be on waiting for commands. The only thing you will be booting up is the PS4, you don't even need to change inputs with the remote.
Bathyj  +   558d ago
Your comment just made me think off something. What if you own a parrot and he keeps turning your console on when you're not home
KentBlake  +   558d ago
Why do that? Only to save on HDMI ports? Because it makes no sense to leave both consoles on while using only one of them.
Kaiou  +   558d ago
We are only talking about possibilities.
Dlacy13g  +   558d ago
For one you could use skype very easily for both systems ;-)
MarkusMcNugen  +   558d ago
The Xbox One will not have to be "on" to use HDMI passthrough. HDMI passthrough can be used when the Xbox One is in its "Off" low level power state. Since the device doesnt turn completely off, the low level power state will keep the HDMI passthrough working.
CandyCaptain  +   558d ago
The only problem with that I see might happen, is additional input lag. Other then that though, it sounds novel. lol
byeGollum  +   558d ago
merging ur PS4 into the ONE's OS. . I can't wait to do that :D
boing1  +   558d ago
Resistance is futile.
hesido  +   558d ago
If the HDMI on the Xbox One doesn't add any latency, this may be a fun set-up. But I have doubts (If it is a dumb passthrough it may not add any latency but I think the HDMI image needs to be processed (e.g. scaled) to be in Snap mode.)
Deadpoolio  +   558d ago
How is that a fun setup you have 2 devices now on just to use 1 device.....there is going to be a lot of fried One80s from the way they want you to run everything through it meaning it will be on 24/7/
MarkusMcNugen  +   558d ago
It probably will need to scale for snap mode. But for full res hdmi passthrough I dont think there would be any latency. When its full-screen its probably more like a dumb passthrough and when its snapped its probably like a smart passthrough and scales the image. HDMI is very low latency anyways, so having it processed and scaled may not be much of an issue as long as the Xbox One can process the HDMI images fast enough.

Every time I read your comments I feel like Im losing brain cells. You are such an obvious sony fanboy its saddening.
bahabeast  +   558d ago
they know people will get tired of using the xbox one soo they give the ability for you to check see who is online playing what game on ps4 soo you can turn of your xbox tv and play some games on the ps4
Cueil  +   558d ago
or it lets you set up a unique MP experience on Xbox One and while you're waiting you can play your PS4
cell989  +   558d ago
thats just too much, how are you going to be playing one game to another like some kind of video game junkie
CoLD FiRE  +   558d ago

I already do that and I wouldn't consider myself a "video game junkie". I have 2 Xbox 360s standing next to each other and connected to the same TV so whenever I'm waiting in a multiplayer lobby I switch to the other Xbox and play something else until a multiplayer match is found. It's more like...efficiency!
Sitdown  +   558d ago
No, it allows you to play the ps4 while using the browser to learn proper sentence structure and gain a greater command of the English language.
condemmedman  +   558d ago
I know I know. It so the ps4 has some decent launch titles ;-)
Sharius  +   558d ago
so the "xbox, turn on PS4" joke come true?
TheGrimReaper0011  +   558d ago
Haha, i gues XD
But considering they always said
"Xbox, watch tv", im guessing you use that same command for your ps4 ... or xbox 360 or pc or ps3
Honestly, that'll probably be the command to switch to the hdmi in
KwietStorm  +   558d ago
Just wait for all the amateur digitalfoundry and lensoftruth posts to come.
BG11579  +   558d ago
But if you do that, you won't be able to watch TV...
MrDead  +   558d ago
Unless you push the AV button. You can do that by just moving a finger, no need to flail your arms around or talk.
BG11579  +   558d ago
And touch physically the remote with my fingers? Ugh, that's disgusting!

No really, what is the advantage of doing this? Saving a Hdmi port? Buy a derivation box for Hdmi, not expensive and no risk of latency.
DialgaMarine  +   558d ago
tudors  +   558d ago
To make the mother of all consoles :)
TheGrimReaper0011  +   558d ago
No offence, but whats the point?
O, you win a single HDMI port?
People who can afford both consoles most likely have a tv with 4 or more hdmi ports. In fact, where I live, it's rare to even find a tv with less than 3 ports for hdmi
So you would have one for PS4, XBO and your box
And if you really need many more ports, they also have these multipliers.
That way you can connect to your tv:
- a wii
- a wiiU
- ps3
- xbox 360
- pc
- tv box
- ps4
Wow, now THAT would be a setup (and a mess)
Cueil  +   558d ago
It saves me from having to purchase a new sound system... at least for a little bit
T2  +   558d ago
disagreed for blasphemy! LOL... (you must play games in dolby digital!

I just bought a new yamaha rxv avr and it auto switches to whatever new input is turned on. turn on ps3, and it instantly switches to ps3 input.

...having both consoles would be awesome, but sorry the voice recognition is already out of date.
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Cueil  +   557d ago
I have a nice 1000 watt sound system but only for inputs four HDMI I really just need a new receiver
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GiantEnemyCrab  +   558d ago
Isn't the idea to use the snap to feature? You won't be able to do that going straight into your TV's HDMI.
TheGrimReaper0011  +   558d ago
Yes you will
It's called switching channels and takes as long as using kinect -_-
Insomnia_84  +   558d ago
I am in no effing way connecting my PlayStation 4 to an Xbox. I see it as mixing rotten apples with good apples, I don't want my PS4 to rot x__x

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Tooly  +   558d ago
exactly my playstation will never touch a xbox .mess around and get cancer or some sh**.
cell989  +   558d ago
you dont mix water with oil, my PS4 aint going nowhere near the xbone, it might send off an HDMI signal to brick my PS4, no thanks. Seriously speaking tho, 2 consoles connected like that is a bit too extreme, I know we are passionate about games and all, but thats just a little too ridiculous
TwistingWords  +   558d ago
Latency ahoy!
Sadist3  +   558d ago
Um, you connect both consoles to each other so it's easier to switch consoles rather than turning one off, turning one on, switching the HDMI from 1 to 2, then switching the input on your surround system.
T2  +   558d ago
uhh.. you still have to turn them off, otherwise you can just leave both systems on all day? ... don't you know how to attach all your sound to your avr? you don't need to switch the input on your surround, it does it auto when you switch inputs.

so what's left is switching hdmi 1 to 2, and that's too hard to do? LOL
VonBraunschweigg  +   558d ago
2 consoles humming and slurping energy because you're to lazy to push a button. If your TV only has 1 HDMI port I can understand. Mine has 3, 1 for my cablebox, 1 for my PS3 and 1 for...oh, wait. Great news!
GodGinrai  +   558d ago
Ill be running my skyHD box through X1. Got three HDMi ports on my TV, so I will be running PS4 into one of those.
ShinnokDrako  +   558d ago
Well... i get 1 console to use that console =P i won't ever buy 2 of them to play them together (probably someone doesn't think about the end month bill for the electricity).
GamerXD  +   558d ago
What the f*ck. Buy both consoles. Play it separately. Cause why snap the game if you can play KZSF and Halo 5 at the same time.
hazardman  +   558d ago
I wonder if it will work with an hdmi splitter.
hazardman  +   558d ago
I can't wait try this out! Couple more months......
strigoi814  +   558d ago
I have a HDMI switch..this idea is gonna cost your electricity to increase
GirlOnFire  +   558d ago
Finally a reason to own an X1 to play my PS4..
jahfen83  +   558d ago
That... is... so .... COOL!!! ()
feraldrgn  +   558d ago
Is it just me, or is that a really strange thing to say?
Isn't that like using your competitors hype to sell your own machine?
I'd like to say it sounds a little "desperate", but I'm not completely sure why he said it.

On the subject though, why the heck/how the heck would you play 2 games at the same time?
GiantEnemyCrab  +   558d ago
Who says you have to be playing 2 games? I assume this would work with the PS3 as well and you could be in Home and talking to your PSN friends and then have a game running on the XB1 with XBL friends.

Probably not something everyone would use but I like options.
feraldrgn  +   558d ago
You're right, it could be used for other things, I just found it odd that he used that example.
From the article:

[he said "any application can be snapped to a game…this could be the live TV feed, so if you wanted to be playing Ryse and Killzone at the same time, you could snap that."]
AceBlazer13  +   558d ago
i like keeping my moms bills low, so if anything i'll just get one of those 3-1 hdmi switches
quenomamen  +   558d ago
Or just buy PS4 and use other $500 on new TV,
edonus  +   558d ago
That is kind of sweet. Someone could play a X1 game and a Ps4 game at the same time. Like me playing BF4 and my brother playing COD ghosts. I wonder if they have a half screen snap to maybe balance out the screen real estate.

Not to mention arbitrary things like just managing Ps4 content while playing a real game on X1. This is pretty cool for someone that gets both.
Africa-Garvey  +   558d ago
Can the Wii U work with Xbox one's hdmi pass-through port?
Pls, i would like to know as i am contemplating on which one to buy along side with my U (maybe the ONE or PS4)
Hayabusa 117  +   558d ago
My assumption is that ANY HDMI in will work with XBox One's HDMI in, but I'm only assuming.
mohuzas  +   557d ago
yeah, "any HDMI device" includes the WiiU.
Hayabusa 117  +   558d ago


Although why would I want to pass the PS4 through Xbox One's envitabely slow OS...

..But at least I'd be able to chat to my XBL friends while on my PS4.
Godmars290  +   558d ago
So even if the XB1 isn't the lead console of the gen, MS their fanboys can have the satisfaction of playing PS4 games on/through their XB1?

You'll just need a PS4 to do it.

Either that or he's saying you can use an XB1 to record PS4 gameplay?
GiantEnemyCrab  +   558d ago
You would still call them fanboys even if they own a PS4 as well and have invested in games. ugh.
Godmars290  +   558d ago
Because I've run into too many people whose bias is obvious yet say, "I own both systems" for them not to be fanboys.

For whatever reason, some seem to get off on the fact that they own the console that they hate, and let it collect dust.
MarkusMcNugen  +   558d ago

Just keep in mind that not everyone who supports a console is a fanboy. Im getting an Xbox One, but Im not the kind of person who is going to be talking smack about the PS4. Ill defend both consoles, because I just love technology in general.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   558d ago
I think I just may have to try this. Would be cool to jump in between the consoles all via one system.
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