Pokemon X and Y won't receive online patches to rebalance moves, types

Pokemon X and Y won't be given patches with balance updates, Game Freak has said.

Game director Junichi Masuda explained that although imbalances "could happen", as with previous entries in the series, he believes the team has "got it right" this time.

"We don't really plan to release any kind of updates to change the balance," he told Digital Spy.

"Of course, we think we have it perfect this time, but thought that before and depending on certain move combinations.

"For example, at points a lot of people used the Metal Grass Pokemon because they were so strong - and everyone is using that Pokemon.

"Something like that could happen, and we think we have it perfect, and we don't plan to release any kind of balance changes."

He added: "We spent a lot of time working on getting this balance right, but of course we're not going to be able to know everything's perfect until the games are in players' hands and they're coming up with new strategics and combo."

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RmanX10001526d ago

I trust Game Freak a lot more than Capcom in regards to balancing.

Jirachi1526d ago

I do like they are changing balancing issues but they kinda nerfed Jirachi all to hell by giving it 4 weakness instead of two.
i wouldn't mind if this meant i could use jirachi in battle subway but nintendo considers it a forbiden pokemon it should be a lot more useful...

crxss1526d ago

Nintendo and balance patches (or even patches in general)?! LAWL @ the idea.

KonsoruMasuta1526d ago

Nintendo uses patches but rarely. They don't send out games half done an rushed so they really don't need to patch a lot.

crxss1526d ago

True. But when a game's broken, they're like, whatev

EcoSos31526d ago

No they don't go whatever they did patch Mario kart 7 and Metrio other M, so go troll somewhere else.

crxss1526d ago

seriously compare nintendo patches vs microsoft or sony... it's not even close

TekoIie1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

"seriously compare nintendo patches vs microsoft or sony... it's not even close"

To be honest thats a good thing. Not sure why your spinning it as bad when we have games like AC3 which were riddled with bugs at launch.

Misaka_x_Touma1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

They patched
Zelda Skyward Sword save glitch and that was Wii
the so called " not online system that can't do DLC, patches or demos."

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Bhuahahaha1526d ago

good just like the good 'ol days of gaming

SoulSercher6201526d ago

I never thought Pokemon was an unbalanced game so I'm not surprised.

Misaka_x_Touma1526d ago

That will only happen when new forms comes in.

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