PS4 indies versus AAA : “I don’t see a divide”, says Sony’s indie man

PlayStation 4 is treating indies and large triple-a entities as one and the same, according to the man behind Sony’s indie charge Shahid Ahmad. He sees the next wave of next-gen stars in the indie circuit, and he’s keen to get them on board.

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WarThunder1549d ago

Most indie games i played were more fun than AAA battery games...

RyuCloudStrife1548d ago

AAA doesn't mean good. Means high budget, so indies can indeed be better than AAA busts.

from the beach1548d ago

'Indie' tends to mean cheaper budget, smaller teams and less experienced teams, so it's quite natural to assume the games won't be as good as AAA ones. Not always, of course.

isarai1547d ago

@ from the beach

Most indie devs are highly experienced devs that have years or even decades of field experience. you can't go out and make a game on your on without having some experience. also smaller teams has nothing to do with how good a game is, hell Team ICO made two of what most people hold as some of the greatest and most influential games ever made and their team is only about 23 people.

Visualift1548d ago

I totally agree. Part of my enjoyment with Indie titles is knowing how hard the team had to work to get it released for general consumption. Also, these titles feel more accessible than many AAA titles.

showtimefolks1548d ago

all of the sudden now indie games are not important, when over the last few years that's all i heard from xbox360 owners about how MS was better at supporting indie devs

so now that the tables have turned now its not important, scary thing is sony still has so many exclusive studios plus free to play and best indie support

so a complete console

Irishguy951548d ago

Sony fanboys and Xbox fanboys have simply switched places.

Hicken1548d ago

Since Sony fanboys have been praising the likes of the pixeljunk series and thatgamecompany's titles for years, I don't think they've switched anything.

yellowgerbil1548d ago

I've yet to find an indie game as good as Fallout, or bioshock.
But agree, most AAA games are no where as fun as indies and small games.
More passion and creativity in indies

PoSTedUP1548d ago

idk it's weird. im not hating on indie devs, but the truth, for me, is that i find even most Non AAA titles to be more fun than most indie games. like if i had to choose between having to play HAZE and socom confrontations or [insert any two indie games] only, for the next 6 months to a year. i would pick haze and socom.

whats your top two favorite indie games?

PoSTedUP1548d ago

i hope some bigger devs see the tallent and pick them up accordingly. i do see a divide tho. indies are great for the industry because they are a different breed of dev, working on different types of games we also enjoy playing, giving us a wider catalogue to choose from. the divde is simple for me, even tho some of them are really fun like flower, flow, and limbo. i dont see myself buying into too many more of them because of what has and will be comming out on the vita, ps3 and ps4 (and im a huge retro gamer too if that matters). outlast will probably the last new indie game i buy for a while untill i see something worth my time and particular taste (also rebuying Flower on the vita). indie games also seem to pop up in my collection at times i am low with money, ill go out and buy a $2 total recoil game or something and play it for less than a day. for smaller games/casual games i sill go to the ps1 and psp catalogue bc there are a lot of great games i still havent played. machinarium was pretty cool, i give them credit it wa a fun game, but i just feel like id be getting more of my moneys worth by buying a $5.99 ps1 game or a $7-10 psp RPG that i havent playd yet just because of the sheer content and longevity i would get out of my money. sure i had fun with limbo and machinarium for $10 a piece. but i also only played them for like a day and a half each (then one came out on PSplus 4 days later for free Lol). i played a lot of flower tho years back (when ps3 had no games). now its like this new gen and all and i dont think id have the extra money for too many indi games (especially if they are a quick run through like Limbo for 10 bucks) id prob still support some of them when i can, just dont see them being more than a very small fraction of my gaming time. too many epic old school titles i still have to go back to. bit im sure im one of the very few who look at it this way on here, trust me im routing for them though.

yellowgerbil1548d ago

Dead Nation, without a doubt is my favorite Indie, looking forward to DN2 on PS4.
Besides that not many true indies I've played. I lump small download games by developers into indie category, even though they aren't
of those I loved
Xmen Arcade
Crystal Defenders
Zen pinball

The PS4 gen so far has gotten me more behind real indies, as they are the ones that have gotten my attention besides Infamous.
Contrast looks really interesting.
Resogun is free and looks like a blast
Secret Poncho looks to have that DN gameplay style
and though haven't heard about it since feb Primal Carnage looks interesting

PoSTedUP1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

oh yeah primal carnage looks pretty fun. not sure if its gonna be the same as the first one bc there was no replay value besides it being online, maybe they added to it, but its still good if they didnt, but id deff pick it up and have some fun with it. its as simple as battlefield 1943 but without vehicles. just fun overall. ill have to checkout thoes games u mentioned.

i have a good assortment of indie games, including the super small ones like the lil ios fishing simulator ones, crash comandos (good one) flower, flow, limbo, machanrium,jetpackjoyride, total recoil, pain, highstakespoker, bowling, +all the psEye games etc. so i do support them. they are all good fun no doubt.

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Mikelarry1549d ago

i don't see a divide either i enjoyed flower, journey etc as much as i enjoyed cod, gears read dead etc. so as long as both produce interesting and compelling games i will always support both

Visualift1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Love the support Indie developers are getting!

While I enjoy AAA titles just as much as the next guy it's the Indie scene that has me most intrigued this next generation. Should be interesting to see how much of a factor these titles have in the success of the console!

D_RoyJenkins1548d ago

This is why I'm a PlaySation enthusiast. I love their perspective on the gaming industry

Chevalier1548d ago

It's funny how MS fans keep saying that ps4 only has indies like there should be any doubt Sony won't have AAA game/exclusives. Just look at how many exclusives ps3 has this year and how 360 has almost none those will come with time; having a bunch of Indies just rounds out and compliments those big budget games. There are so many great indie games I have enjoyed, like Journey, Flower, Castle Crashers, Braid, Limbo and more I can't remember off the top of my head. Really looking forward to Transistor and a bunch of the indies announced to go along with Infamous, Killzone, Destiny and The Division.

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