1UP Previews Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2

1UP writes: "Say what you will about the glut of Naruto games invading our shores -- it's the new Dragon Ball Z for that reason alone -- but at least Namco Bandai has seen fit to shake up the formula from time to time. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 -- The Phantom Fortress takes last year's 3-on-3, King of Fighters-inspired PSP brawler and adds role-playing elements, and while the resulting mix doesn't exactly play like last year's Ultimate Ninja Heroes, it does play a little like your dad's primitive PC dungeon crawler.

The game's new story-based Mugenjo mode sees a foreboding castle -- conveniently containing an even 100 floors, perfect for an Etrian Odyssey-style trek -- appear in Naruto's hometown of Hidden Leaf Village, and this menacing medieval edifice is predictably a harbinger of doom: Every other town it's appeared in has been wiped off the map. Also predictably, the headstrong ninja Naruto believes he can storm the castle and save the day himself".

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