Reported $60 PS4 hardware loss will be recovered at launch via PS Plus subs & launch titles

PlayStation 4 is expected to make a loss at launch, Sony has confirmed, but the company hopes to regain some of the outgoings via the new paid PS Plus requirement for online gaming. Launch titles are also hoped to stem the loss.

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Bundi1707d ago

I wish them good luck! There have been far too many studios and publishes going out of business lately and any success story the gaming world is fantastic.

black0o1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

they'll be fine if they keep it at this rate
and gaming industry is doing fine .. GTA just hit the sky 800+ millions within 24H

Bundi1706d ago

there's a reason why grand theft autos success is such a big news, it is because it stands out, it isn't the norm.

Just have a look at the financial woes of Capcom and Nintendo, also Square Enix seem to be feeling the pinch.

heck Sony themselves have had financial troubles and not just overall but the PlayStation brand specific, examples include PlayStation Vita and the fact that the PlayStation 3 although profitable per unit sold right now has yet to recoup all the losses it made from day one.

black0o1706d ago

^^ capcom lost it touch they are making sh#$y titles
look at capcom 10 years ago
RE series were way better stronger
DMC series as well ..etc

and for SE they dont want our money
FFv13 announcement was 6 years ago and it moved to next gen and fans were bagging for it
KH series skipped the 7th gen tho the fans were bagging for it as well
parasite EVE skipped the 6th/7th gen
and FF series well u know FF13 happened ''which did well'' 7 millions
but they had to make 13-2 and soon RL

it's a management problems with those companies not the gaming world

Niv1706d ago

Ps4 is worth $460

Xbone without Kinect eye is worth ?? $350

Gekko361706d ago

@Niv What a load of bollocks! You have no basis for that and since the kinect is integral to the system, your comment comes off as total drivel.

Nekroo911706d ago

what a load of bollocks?! if the X1 used the ps4 hardware + kinect it would cost arround 600. it was their choice weaker specs to make the console affordable and kinect

Gekko361706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Yes total Bollocks. We are talking about the cost of components, which you have no idea how much they cost or where they were sourced let alone how much assembly cost and I'm not even going to go into either R & D or logistical planning.

Unless you can produce a shipping manifest for components to the factory your comments are "head in clouds thinking".

Both companies keep that info locked up tighter than a ducks arse so how can you just throw figures out there and expect anyone to agree with you?

Think before you open your mouth.

Step one: Engage brain

Step two: Consider what you're about to say before you say it

Step three: Speak / Type

rainslacker1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Kinect isn't really integral to the system anymore though is it? Since the reversal, MS only showed that it is just a optional peripheral like the first Kinect, although they initially said otherwise.

Salooh1706d ago

That's bullshit. They are selling with profit + the ps+ money. That's how companies work these days. They don't care about bringing the best tech . They make decisions based on profit not evolve . That's why ps4 is cheap because that's what people want for now but they don't think about the future. That's why if i were them i would create 600$ console to really use the tech instead of waiting another 7 years to use the new tech which will be old when these years pass .

This is not hate for the ps4. This is a fact. X1 is worst.

Gekko361706d ago

@14Feb-R Again, total head in the cloud view point.

Stop sniffing glue and have a word with yourself!

Salooh1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

What do you mean ?. :)
All i'm saying people/sony chose present instead of future and that's a bad thing in my opinion since the life cycle of these consoles are 10 years old.

I'm expecting PS5 after 5 years not 7 for that reason. Developers will max the ps4 in 2 years. Then we will get better games by small tweaks with different visions with understanding of hardware. faster + easy development = max power faster.

It's not future proof. Just look at the pc's for next year. DDR4 coming soon. Existing graphics cards and cpus already surpass the ps4 tech so imagine after 5 years from now. Ps4 will be nothing. The only advantage it have from pc is the ram but will eventually come to pc .

Death1706d ago

Nothing is future proof. Consoles are/were dedicated to gaming only. You get more out of less. GDDR5 coming to PC? Not in the form you are thinking. GDDR5 is very bad for CPU calculations which is why DDR4 is coming and we have never seen GDDR5 for system memory. The combo chip in both consoles makes it so they have only one type of ram to pool from. Sony went with faster graphics memory and wants the GPU to do some CPU tasks to help due to latency. According to Cerny they will use the GOU for audio computes too. Microsoft went with CPU memory when they chose DDR3. Great for everything but the GPU which is why they went with the complex eSram and flash ram. Different solutions to a common problem.

DoesUs1706d ago

That's a much better scenario from where they were at the PS3 launch....

In a year or so i think they'll get to the break even point on the hardware alone, 2/3 years start making profit. Given the price of GDDR5 and the fact Sony will no doubt be the biggest single customer of modules, they should be getting a good discount which will continue for the next 7/8 years, so i think the price of these should drop rather quickly. And they're right about the PS+ adoption rate, i think the vast majority will also be purchasing at launch.

So far Sony are making all the right calls.

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