Shuhei Yoshida: Gravity Rush Sequel Will “Totally” Be Localized

Yesterday a teaser trailer of "a new project from Team Gravity" was shown at Sony's Tokyo Game Show booth, hinting to a possible sequel of the PS Vita masterpiece Gravity Rush.

Today a fan asked SCE Worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida if that possible sequel will be localized. The response was uplifting.

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RmanX10001705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )


miyamoto1705d ago

Sony Japan is so lucky to have another great genius, Keiichiro "Silent Hill" Toyama, in their team-Team Gravity. He always nail his creatve original concepts to the last pixel of his games. Very few game makers can do that. And when ever he makes a game its so different from the rest of the world. He is silently underrated imho.

I hope they remaster Gravity Rush for the PS Vita TV in true native 720p just like their original vision for the PS3.

Mikelarry1705d ago

glad we will be getting more GR. i really enjoyed the first it truly made me love my vita

Abriael1705d ago

Nor did I, but it's always good to know :D

PoSTedUP1705d ago

what a badass name. the game is Just That.

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The story is too old to be commented.