Shuhei Yoshida Shares More info on PS4: Download Speed, HDMI Capture, Game Upgrade Disk Requirement

SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida gave more information on a variety of topics related to the PS4 today, talking about PSN download speeds, footage capture via HDMI and disk requirements for the upgrade of games from PS3 to PS4

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Majin-vegeta1644d ago

Why don't people just play a game they bought while downloading from PSN that makes it to seem faster.I'll usually just jump on Warriors orochi 3 and in 3-4 matches my download is done.

Abriael1644d ago

Haha, well some people are impatient. Remember the whines about the long installation times of GT5?

RyuCloudStrife1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I guess the PSN download speeds are a real issue to some people... I never had an issue, I've downloaded from PSN at a rate of 2-3 MBs a second....

I thought Xbox users used that reason to troll..

Abriael1644d ago

@RyuCloudStrife: I have to say they've always been very slow for me, but they improved very recently. I was amazed when I managed to download 7 GB of FFXIV in about an hour (yeah I know it's still a lot for 7 GB, but compared to the old times it was lightning fast)

dantesparda1644d ago

I know im getting around 8 to 1- megabit per sec. I can actually test it. Plus i can see it doing about a 1 megabyte per sec or little faster. I think the problem is the peple that have 50mbps i dont think they get full speed. So i know they definitely do at least 8 to 10mbps but dont think they go as high as 50mbps

Transporter471644d ago


Honestly it depends on your internet speed, I download anywhere from 2-5MBs then again i pay $87 per month for my internet. I never had an issue downloading anything.

Volkama1643d ago

I started playing Heavy Rain for the first time last night. It wants to download a patch about 1.2gb, and it estimates it will take 90 minutes.

I played offline, and let it attempt it's download while I'm at work today.

Needs improvement if I'm going to be able to take advantage of the play-while-you-download and streaming type features of the PS4...

DragonKnight1643d ago

I don't know if this is true for everyone, but I have found that if I'm playing a game like Dark Souls while downloading a game off PSN, the download will not progress until I stop playing. That may happen for others.

MazzingerZ1643d ago

PSN was free so it didn't have as much servers as XBL, I never experienced slow DL speed on X360 nor PSN but it was probably due PSN had a closer server and I had a good internet connection (100 Mbps)

Now when online on PSN is not free SONY will have more servers, PSN+ is worth more than online gaming anyway so no surprise there

ZoyosJD1643d ago


It's dependent on the game. It seems to work more often with SP games that aren't graphically or HDD intensive. With games like Dark Souls that have persistent online I wouldn't expect to be able to use the feature.

caperjim1643d ago

Download speed is one of the downsides to Playstation for me. I can download full retail games from Steam/Xbox quickly but a simple update for my PS3 takes far longer then it should.

darthv721643d ago

the speed of downloads was not really an issue. some downloads were faster than others.

For me it was that the download and installation are two separate instances.

i dont know how live does it but when you download something, it installs at the same time. so when you get the notification that it is done you can start playing.

With the PS store, you download something and then you have to wait for it to unpack and install which can take a few minutes to several depending on the size of the install file.

With the ps4, they say you can play while its downloading and installing so that is a very good thing to look forward to.

badz1491643d ago


unlike Vita, PS3 can't download anything off PSN while playing ANY game online. I noticed that my download status is pending while playing FIFA connected to to EA server even WITHOUT playing online! it's very annoying tbh but once I knew about it, I now always leave my PS3 ON when I am downloading something and let it shut itself down when it's done.

oh and my internet connection is a mere 1Mbps so it usually takes sometime for downloads to finish. downloading torrents on my pc simultaneously is not helping too.

but I agree that it's getting better nowadays as the download speed indeed has been increased. downloads are done faster nowadays. recent example is Puppeteer. I finished downloading it in less than 4 hours.

Jack_Of_All_Blades1643d ago

It didn't even take that long, babies. And YES Sony, YES! Keep up the good work!!!

Baka-akaB1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Speed varies , i have no more issues downloading on PSN than on XBL . One wasnt quicker than the other .... EXCEPT that patches and firmware takes forever on PSN .

"PS3 can't download anything off PSN while playing ANY game online. I noticed that my download status is pending while playing FIFA connected to to EA server even WITHOUT playing online!"

That's not it actually . Some games cut off your downloads when online . Like fifa and street fighter 4 .

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eyeDEVOUR1644d ago

Alot of ps3 games wont allow downloading while playing...

Majin-vegeta1644d ago

I think it has to be diskless give it try.

paul-p19881644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Yup, had that problem myself. It's the games that are offline but have an online leaderboard or another insignificant area of the game that uses the internet and because of that i can't download a game whilst playing that game... annoying...

Thehyph1644d ago

@eyeDEVOUR it's true of course.

It's an issue that's solved for next gen though. In fact it's solved now on vita. Nothing can stop a vita from background downloading. You can also play a game while the patch for that game is downloading in the background. Ps3 has never let you do that.

MizTv1643d ago

I thought only if you are playing online it won't download

admiralvic1643d ago

@ MizTV

Some games work like that, where as others will completely disable it while playing.

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AceBlazer131644d ago

You can play while downloading?

Abriael1644d ago

Maybe he has two PS3s?

Majin-vegeta1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I think diskless games will let you as long as you're not playing online.I play PS1,PS2 and PS3 games i have bought from the store while downloading.

@Abriael I only have 1 PS3.

nunley331644d ago

yes i can download while playing a game but it seems to depend from game to game. it'll be with every game on ps4.i never had an issue with the psn downloads, i own a 360 and it's just as fast or faster than xbl,it's more to do with the user's net. I will get like 10mb up on psn,it'fast enough for that. you won't get your 50mb on it but ps4 looks to faster with its improved psn+gaikai.

Persistantthug1643d ago


Yes....You can play most single player games while downloading....from disk or from hardrive.

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SolidGear31644d ago

Damn.. took me 18 or 20 hours to download Crysis (3.3GB)

nunley331643d ago

my gawd that internet signal you used to download that was beyond slow,is that 56k you have there? i kid but no online service is that slow,upgrade your net. i cyrsis2 in 2hrs i think or faster and that's with it's dlc too. cyrsis 2 is alot bigger..p

Sono4211643d ago

holy shit mate.. you can't blame PSN for that.. that's your connection.

Iv'e never took that long to download anything

Johnny Jiron1643d ago

He isn't alone. Back when I had my PS3 and 360, my PS downloads took an absurd amount of time while the 360 downloads were quick. I tested the speeds out by downloading a video that was available to both stores. What took the 360 a minute to do, the PS3 took 15.

Now the stranger thing is, my friends Playstation down the road downloaded stuff just as fast as my 360. We both use Comcast and both had the same internet plan. So it very much is a person to person deal.

360ICE1644d ago

Tons of games don't support simultaneous downloads. In fact, I think most don't now. One of the things Sony did to free RAM for the developers to use, I believe.

kazuma9991644d ago

Physical discs. Problem solve.

Blaze9291643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

"Don’t expect it for launch, as it will be introduced afterwards with a patch."

Hmm i wonder how long after launch exactly we'll have to wait for HDMI capturing. So as far as that goes, I guess it was true on the PS4 not supporting it. But they'll do a 180 on that decision and patch it later after hearing all the outcry about it. Cool.

...oh, what we can only say 180 and point out decision changes if it's Microsoft? lol

Majin-vegeta1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

How can it be a 180 if Sony never said it to begin with??It was the retards over at machinima who said they weren't *Facepalm*.

AridSpider1643d ago


"How can it be a 180 if Sony never said it to begin with??It was the retards over at machinima who said they weren't *Facepalm*.

Machinima said Sony wasn't doing something on PS4 and wanted to increase awareness to change that.

People complained.

Sony will release a patch after release to fix it - as it wasn't originally planned.

But Machinima are the retards o_O?


BlackTar1871643d ago

Took me less then 1.5 hrs to fully DL GTA and install it. Was happy with that time

Deadpoolio1643d ago

Thats what I used to do until I got FiOS. Now everything Downloads in 2 minutes or less for large files and 30 seconds for most of the small stuff....

It also helps when you know how to actually setup your router and when you actually use a wired connection, unlike those who just jizz at the thought of having that wireless....

Basic networking 101 tells you that if someone with a wired connection gets on the network they are going to get the needed bandwidth before that wireless signal

s8anicslayer1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

They forget that one of the new PS4/PSN features is the ability of playing your game while downloading,I think that's what Yosh is talking about when he said faster.

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xKugo1644d ago

Hopefully download speeds will be much improved thanks to the large influx of PS+ members coming to PlayStation. More good news for PS4

qzp1644d ago

They talked about download speed, servers cost a lot of money to run so with PS+ needed for online play I would gladly pay 5$ to help sony maintain a better faster network. Not to mention all other PS+ benefits.

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DoggyBiscuit1644d ago

My body is ready for the ps4