Game companies, devs, and more comment on Yamauchi’s passing

Rare, Capcom UK, Microsoft’s Major Nelson, and plenty of others shared a few words on Twitter in honor of his memory.

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okmrman1707d ago

meanwhile in syria 100s died today

mattdillahunty1707d ago

and that sucks, but it's not relevant to gaming. Yamauchi, however, is very relevant to gaming and helped make Nintendo into the legendary brand that they are.

lilbroRx1707d ago

Not just Nintendo. Gaming would not exist right now if not for him. He'd pulled gaming out of the crash and brought most of the innovation that most companies use today.

pixelsword1707d ago


After the first crash, PC gaming saved gaming in general; consoles almost sunk it.

herbs1706d ago

His impact on the gaming industry electronic gaming can't be overstated.

Shnazzyone1706d ago


Really? Disrespectful and misinformed.

slivery1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )


What I find a bit disrespectful to all the people who have contributed to the history of gaming is certain people have the audacity to say one man is the sole reason for the existence of gaming even being around today?

That isn't true. Not to say this man has not contributed a lot to Nintendo.

I respect the guy, I respect his style, his determination, work ethic, his forward thinking, all of that but many people don't even know Nintendo never started out as a actual video game company, they were at one time only a game company. Meaning literally just that, they sold playing cards.

I just get real tired of people acting like Nintendo started gaming because it is far from it. Nintendo didn't create their first console the Color TV Game until the late 70's.

If you really cared about video games in general you would care to know more about the history instead of the history of just one company. Video games were around before then since the 40's even before Yamauchi took over Nintendo, long before he even pushed them into video games.

One of the first ever games to be created was in 1947 called the Cathode ray tube amusement device. Made by Estle Ray Mann and Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr.

Atari and Magnavox both already had gaming consoles a couple years before then as well since Nintendo's first ever console the Color TV Game didn't come out until 1977 when both the Odyssey and Atari were released in 1972. Also important to note that is what even inspired Yamauchi in the first place but of course don't give credit to those guys like Nolan Bushnell.

Now did he help push Nintendo to who they are, yes, Nintendo probably would not be who they are without this man but to say gaming would not exist without him is beyond ridiculous. Video games were never created by one sole person, many people have contributed to the advancements in video games not just Yamauchi.

So please just be respectful to everyone. I get you are trying to say nice stuff about the guy but why take it over board and practically disrespect or discredit the work others have done, as if nothing they had done was as important as what Nintendo's Yamauchi did.

I know people will read this and probably disagree but all I am saying is give respect to everyone who contributed. There is nothing wrong with saying Yamauchi contributed a lot, because he did but to say gaming would not exist without him is too much.

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SaffronCurse1707d ago

There will always be death surrounding us. It's a part of life.

Husky8181706d ago

This is gaming news so why would syria matter

LonDonE1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

It does matter, i think the guy above wasnt Trying to belittle the death of an industry icon, the gran-father of modern gaming,who done so much for this passion we all share which is gaming, but i think what the okmrman meant was that so many websites and people are talking about his death, yet in comparison thousands are killed every month, that's men, children and women, in Syria,Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya! and yet no one in the western world even bats an eye lid, its the disgusting world we live in today!

People are so retarded that they actually think its a civil war happening in Syria, WAKE UP CALL! its not, it is mossad death squads masquerading as Muslims who are instigating all the violence, mossad and the cia, they done the same thing in Libya, and now in Syria, its all preparation for going to war with Iran,and Pakistan, since the zionist cannot risk a Muslim country like Pakistan to posses nuclear weapons! yet when you talk about these things people laugh at you and call you a conspiracy nut, research it online it is a fact, and has been proven!

The war on terror, is a myth, you are all fools if you think Al-Qaeda really exists!
This is all in preparation for world war 3, by the Zionist illuminati scum bags, soon shits gonna hit the fan, the question is WHICH SIDE R YOU ON????

_QQ_1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

why do people always pull this shit when some influential dies. Seriously if one of your friends died what if someone went to their funeral and was yelling, well 100 people died in syria. unless you don't play games then you don't owe your thanks to this man.

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GreenRanger1707d ago

I have no idea who this guy is, but R.I.P. to him nonetheless.

uncharted561707d ago

I think I need to be white ranger or red as a matter of fact.

Shnazzyone1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Back in 1942 he took control of Nintendo and lead nintendo up until 2002. IE he lead nintendo all the way through Donkey kong, NES, SNES, N64, and gamecube. Without him Console gaming would have died at atari. He gave the go ahead for sony to make the system that eventually became the playstation. In fact he helped come up with the name Playstation. Just when Nintendo came up with the name it was Play Station(had a space). Even Sony kids should morn this loss.

LOL_WUT1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Had he not passed away I wonder how much different Nintendo would've been if Mr. Yamauchi was still head of Nintendo and not Iwata. R.I.P

@ Below what are you talking about? Come on dude get real

lilbroRx1707d ago

How disgusting. Still taking pot shots at Nintendo even in an event like this.

Fanboys are the most sickening thing on Earth.

Irishguy951707d ago

It's actually respectful to Yamauchi to diss what nintendo have become without him. Farewell Yamauchi, one of the fore fathers of modern gaming.

AfterThought1706d ago

"Fanboys are the most sickening thing on Earth."

Says a fan.

Concertoine1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

It was Yamauchi's choice to appoint Iwata. It was also his choice to resign because he felt unfit to continue leading Nintendo. Yamauichi was never a gamer, always a business man. In his perspective Iwata is probably perfect for the job. Iwata rose Yamauchi's Gamecube failure to profitability, and then released the Wii and DS which rose stock to record prices and proved more lucratice than anything in the company's past. the 3ds looks to be on the same road to success.
I'm not a fan of Iwata but i know for a fact Nintendo would be in much worse shape financially if he didn't replace Yamauchi.

Concertoine1707d ago

excuse my irrelevancy, but he looks like a japanese clint eastwood.
great man

AfterThought1706d ago

Yea he is one good looking old guy. Damn those Japanese with their alien like intelligence, child like bodies and their silky smooth hair that lasts forever.

They seem like the most evolved humans on this planet. Just a crazy assumption of mine but sometimes they seriously do look like aliens, not in a bad way at all (love me some Japanese ladies) but a lot of Japanese people are so perfect it is just sickening.

EliteGameKnight1706d ago

May he rest in peace. Thank you Mr. Yamouchi for all of the great things that you did for the Gaming world.

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