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Submitted by Bigpappy 875d ago | video

Ryse: Son of Rome. TGS: Showfloor gameplay

Off screen footage from TGS 2013 (Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

PoSTedUP  +   875d ago
looks cool and all but... here, let me explain: it looks like it can get repetive (hack slash block, block hack slash). id like to see if there are any double kill, triple kill moves (as well as just strikes) like, doing something we havent already seen in the begining of the ps3/360 gen. also maybe more enemies on screen, like, more than what we've already seen at the start of this gen. bc tbh, the graphics are Good but the gameplay doesnt seem smooth kinda clunky for what its suppose to be. i was really impressed from what i was seeing a few weeks ago, really thought it was gonna be dope, but now when i see it in motion... hey i hope it still turns out to be better/more tha what i see here.
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GiggMan  +   875d ago
The guy playing actually starts looking away while playing just swinging his sword wildly at the end. He didn't even have to look at the screen just button mashing away lol. Then he starts looking at his watch as if he's being forced to play it. WTF?

Either he was getting bored or he just sucks at the game...
Bigpappy  +   875d ago
I actually agreed with your first comment regarding the way the guy approach the game. But now you seem to want to grade the multiplayer based on his actions or lack of.

Would you play the game in that same manner? and do you believe that what he is doing is all there is to the combat? The guy did not block or attempt a block in the 4 minutes it took him to finally cause the demo to end for his partner.
GiggMan  +   875d ago
Oh I agree. After going back and watching the video again you're right. The guys playing as if it's the first time he's ever played a game period. My 4 year old daughter could have very well done the same thing.

Still doesn't change the fact that the multiplayer looks lackluster to me. At least compared to the single player and other games. That's the problem with this game in my opinion. Without the QTE executions the game looks like a sword flailing headache. With them it seems too scripted and easy. Hell it may be fun though, only time will tell.
GmIsOnPt360  +   875d ago
Id say he sucks as he doesn't attempt to block or execute a single person just pushes the X button over and again
Gozer  +   875d ago
I think this kid just sucked. He kept dying and he never once blocked. If anything this video showed that you cant just button mash.

There are a variety of ways to kill foes. There are supposed to be around 100 executions. You have combos, executions, duel executions, God powers, etc You also have, I believe it was said around 700 pieces of armor to unlock in the online co-op.

The graphics are top notch. If the X1 can produce graphics on caliber with Ryse, then Im satisfied that I am going to be happy with the X1. The character models, the foliage, the intensity of the SP, the water,...this game is freakin beautiful.
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aCasualGamer  +   875d ago
From seeing this, i think the guy got bored playing this game. But, you can't really criticize a game because a guy looked away during gameplay, could be several reasons for that. You can only judge this type of gameplay by playing it for yourself, to see how it feels. Visually, it looks amazing and one of those rare titles that actually ooze with nextgen.

Then again, i don't know why Crytek (multiplat company) would do this exclusively for Xbox One. I really wish it was coming out to PS4.

Oh well, if anything it just makes me more pumped as to what Santa Monica Studios have planned for PS4 =D
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gaffyh  +   875d ago
The guy playing it is the Xbox rep, he's got an Xbox t-shirt on...

This multiplayer looks kinda boring imo, I'm more interested in the campaign. Graphically looks pretty good though.
GiggMan  +   875d ago
@CasualGamer, it's exclusive for Xbox One because it started out as an Only for Kinect title for the 360.

I'm guessing that didn't pan out so this game was pushed back for the X1 release. Funny they never mention Kinect now when talking about this title when it was the main focus.
GrizzliS1987  +   875d ago
i hate criticizing this game, because i want to like it, but i just find it so hard to like with more and more videos i see. I know i will get the Xbone eventually, and i was looking forward to Ryse and KI...sigh guess il wait for some reviews :/
Ps4Console  +   875d ago
He actually looked around when he got waxed .
Eonjay  +   875d ago
Man this looks bad... but it probably still an early build.
inveni0  +   874d ago
Holy clipping, Batman.
Ritsujun  +   874d ago
Ryse: Button Mashers!
LOL @ Xillyblindb0ts.
Bigpappy  +   875d ago
The guy playing is not even attempting to block. He is just whaling away with the sword. He has know idea how to block or bash with the shield. He dies over and over and is contented with that.

What he does dispel clearly for the fanboys and haters though, is that you can kill enemies without the executions, and that you can and will die if you do not focus and know how to fight in this game. It is not "push A to kill" like some haters claim. Funny but untrue.

@XKugo: This is the multi-player coop. The guy you are watching play is clueless. You would have the same reaction watching a 4 year old playing god of war with hitting just the triangle button over and over and keeps dying.
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GiggMan  +   875d ago
Yeah I agree the dude seems to suck at the game but to be honest, all Ryse multiplayer gameplay shown so far has been an awkward button mashing mess. The very first trailers showcasing the multiplayer included. The single player seems to be better as far as gameplay.
lifeisgamesok  +   875d ago
But you have to at least see it for what it is a hack n slash game. Blocking and striking are the main elements of this type of game

100 executions will help keep it fresh along with the environmental hazards, Different God powers, etc
PoSTedUP  +   875d ago
yeah that Will be a good thing. im just saying i look at next gen for more than just good graphics. like, if it's Not Phenomenal graphics then please do Something next gen-ish
Cueil  +   875d ago
you can execute more then one person at a time... look for the combat vidoc they explain a bit more
PoSTedUP  +   875d ago
nice ill have to check that out.
jspillen  +   875d ago
I swear I want this game to be awesome... I love gladiators, and the Spartacus story. But this just looks like a steaming pile of crap.

The graphics look stellar, the gameplay looks awful. Button mashing without any soul what-so-ever.


Dude checks his watch a 2 minutes into the 4 minutes he has, he's ready to move on and tired of suffering through this clunky demo.
Christopher  +   875d ago
Are there going to be more weapon options? Something? Will there be flourishes? Combos? Anything?

This demo looked better than others, though you still could see some issues with characters running through each other. But, the gameplay... it looks freaking boring.

C'mon Crytek, don't let me down.
HmongAmerican  +   874d ago
I heard the developer want this game to feel cinematic, example: like the camera zoom in close to the character so you can see the expression during the kill. It would be cool if they make the kill animation randomly. That way it doesn't repeat the same move again and again like the neck stab during the E3 demo that I saw.
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xKugo  +   875d ago
Again, I think this game is going to be massively repetitive and grow old extremely quickly. Just the gameplay is so uniform and I'm just not seeing enough variety to convince me that people won't grow bored with this game REALLY REALLY quickly.
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alexkoepp   875d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(12)
Bigpappy  +   875d ago
I don't think it is fair to be too critical of Deep Down Yet. This is the first showing of the game in action and no release date has been announced.

The 2 games are sword and shield, but Deep Down is an RPG with more focus on things like Magic and loot. Ryse is an action adventure which is more focused on dispatching waves of enemies in as brutal a fashion. It does have some rewards that upgrade your armor, health and attacks. But it is really an action game.

As far as graphics at this point, I prefer Ryse because it seems to have a more opened and above ground vista, that uses more color yet very detailed. Deep down right now is showing small corridors with just walls and a few enemies, and though early the guy you are controlling seems slow and methodical, doesn't seem very aggressive, or able to run. The most impressive thing graphically so far has been the hue from the lighting.
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lifeisgamesok  +   875d ago
This will be one of my favorite launch games ever

And is it me or has the multiplayer graphics n gameplay been improved?

Reminds me of Spartacus and 300

This kid playing sucks at the game mechanics though no blocking followed by counters and no dodging or executions :/
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mcstorm  +   875d ago
I agree this kid sucks playing this game and this can also make a game look poor too. Im not getting this game a launch as I am having to cut down the number of games I am buying as I am finding im not finishing games or not playing them for a few months after I have bought them so I have my games on pre order and the xbox one game im most excited about is Forza and KI but im defo picking this game up in new the year as it looks really good and a nice change from all the FPS games we have had this gen.
ATi_Elite  +   875d ago | Well said
2D classic beat'em up brought to the Next Gen
I'm tired off ALL the bashing of Ryse Son of Rome!

when I sat down and really watched the RsoR gameplay it brought back great memories of Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, and Final Fight. CLASSIC side scrolling button mashing beat'em up games.

RsoR brings back that CLASSIC Gameplay but adds Next Gen graphics. sure they may be native 900p but hey All the nice physics, brilliant animations, and great post processing effects are there at a smooth frame rate.

(It's about the Games not Graphics RIGHT)

I had fun REPETITIVELY mashing the same 2 or 3 buttons OVER and OVER in Final Fight, Double Dragon, and Streets of Rage and you know what? After watching RsoR I really want to play it. QTE or button masher who cares it looks DARN GOOD to play JUST LIKE those CLASSICS I mentioned.

The kill animations are Excellent and there is enough environmental interaction to make the gameplay variable plus the enemy A.I. looks pretty good. Also the MP mode seems a lot of fun too.

My hats off to Crytek for bringing the Classic 2D side scrolling beat'em up to the Next Gen cause that's the vibe I get from Rsor and that's a GREAT VIBE.
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GiggMan  +   875d ago
Bubble just for mentioning Streets of Rage. :-)
RealtorMDandDC  +   874d ago
@Giggman........Bubble for you acknowledging him mentioning Streets of rage....Damn that brings back memories.

Why don't they bring back the real old school classics...Like Strider but bigger production
starchild  +   875d ago
Well said. I'm not getting an Xbox One for a while, but I think this will be a fun game for XB1 owners.
BG11579  +   875d ago
I don't think you should compare the classic Beat-them-all with Ryse. Well at least with Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Double Dragon...
These games variety was enormous when you take in consideration the limitations of the hardware at their time.
Streets of Rage add always add at least three characters to master, each one with different techniques and capabilities. It is more than Ryse is offering right now. I'm not going to compare it to Double Dragon, because it the comparison would be even more ridiculous.
You should want to refresh your memory about Beat-them-all. You should try games like Double-Dragon Neon, Castle Crushers or Scott Pilgrim vs The World. They are not expensive.
fossilfern  +   875d ago
I have to agree I thought I was the only one who missed the old beat'em ups! This does remind me of it but I also want to know how deep the combat system is because I do like my hack n slashers and one of the reasons I never really got into God of War was because I always felt the combat system was clunky and had very little fluidity compared to the Japanese hack and slash games like DMC.
jspillen  +   875d ago
You've basically just stated this is a older generation of gaming... no new ideas, and not much else 'next gen' to offer. Just pretty graphics and simple 'classic' gameplay.
fossilfern  +   875d ago
What's wrong with that? It's fun and is that not the point of a game?
ATi_Elite  +   873d ago
Nothing wrong with simple classic gameplay with pretty graphics.

Dude how simple is Minecraft's gameplay and how simple are the graphics in Minecraft?

very SIMPLE and it sold over 15 million PC units! won a ton of awards.
memots  +   874d ago
a game does not have to be 1080p to be awesome. God Fanboy are stupid.

By saying that game X is last gen or bad because of the native res is like saying. Halo and The last of us are bad games. Get a reality check people. Native resolution has nothing to do with how good a game is.

On topic ; To me And i mean to me and mayve only me. Ryse looks a little Generic, Yes the main character look impressive but ... what else ? I don't understand the hype on this. Oh well
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RealtorMDandDC  +   874d ago
@ati_elite...........I've given you a bubble for an extremely well put point.

But, and I hate to say it those games you mention where all in the 1990'a when gaming momentum was trying to gain traction. I was there and played all of the games you mention oon "DAY 1" and even had a Japanesse maga drive, and Dreamcast...I one of the first copies on the Japanesse release day version of Shenmue...providing a little back ground to help justify my comment...

It now two decades later, button smashing has evolved....look at GOW and Dante's Inferno...Devil May Cry...those games made button smashing fun...brought back the core sense of the games you mention. Ryse....does not do this for me at least from the media I've seen so far.
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ATi_Elite  +   873d ago
No one here has played Ryse!

we DO NOT yet know all the details of the combat. I do know it's timed/rhythm button mashing.

You have interactive backgrounds. you have great enemy A.I.

I just think NON XB1 fans are just bad mouthing Ryse cause it's not a PS4 game.

dude GOW and DMC are button mashers that a 3 year old baby can play.

so PLEASE do not bring up GOW or DMC cause I've played them and except for the timed jumps all you do is MASH buttons oh and a few puzzles big whoop!
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LetoAtreides82  +   874d ago
Sorry but I don't see any relation at all between Ryse with the classic beat-em-up games like Streets of Rage and Double Dragon. Weapon-based gladiator type game vs modern street fighting game, seems very different to me.

And when it comes to Gladiator I'd say Maximus was more awesome than anything I've seen from the General in Ryse.
TheKayle1  +   875d ago
boring or not ...this is the only next gen looking game around

deal withit
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MasterCornholio  +   875d ago
Yeah like Infamous and The Witches 3 don't count.

-rolls eyes-

Nexus 7 2013
Cueil  +   875d ago
The Witcher 2 on PC looks better then most of these next gen games and I don't think either one of those will be there at launch anyway
FlunkinMonkey  +   875d ago
900p, 25-30fps, clunky animations, repetitive gameplay, copy and pasted enemies, glitchy (hopefully resolved) MP, failed flagship kinect game.

You can't 'deal with it'.
gamer2013  +   875d ago
FlunkinMonkey  +   875d ago
ha, says the 2 bubble troll who has a streak of bizarre, irrational comments flooding through this comment history.

I commented on why i don't think this is one of the best next gen looking games around.. what of it?

At least talk to me from your real account you little girls blouse.
BG11579  +   874d ago
A thing I just came to realise, if we except the E3 demonstration, that was running in a PC at 1080p 60Fps, hasn't anyone noticed that in the rest of the shown parts of the game the number of characters on screen is never above 5? Isn't that weird?
Check it out by yourselves, if you don't believe me.
nosferatuzodd  +   875d ago
memots  +   874d ago
Yup .. a third party game ( The division ) looks way more fun and looks better than Ryse a first party release.
strickers  +   875d ago
pyramidshead  +   875d ago
Dat kayle opinion. Hurry up and get unbanned from 'gaf you were hilarious to read on there :P.
DoesUs  +   875d ago
Killzone and Infamous would like a word with you. Yes, please get unbanned so i can start digging into you.
scott182  +   875d ago
Nothing comes close to Killzone.... only infamous. From what I have seen Killzone is the only next gen looking launch title truly.
#5.6.1 (Edited 875d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(9) | Report
TheKayle1  +   875d ago
doesus....yeah ill get unbanned soon ..

i get the ban coz they think i was trollin saying that deep down ..dosnt look close to the other aaa titles....

its from capcom and at the end ..we know it will no be good

everyone on internet know that gaf is like "sony users home" like pretty much n4g (most are same users)
#5.6.2 (Edited 875d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(8) | Report
TheKayle1  +   875d ago
soon ill change my avatar photo

but still
ryse is op
90Supra  +   875d ago

Einhert  +   875d ago
I like how everyone complains about a hack and slash title being repetitive (its kind of in the genre...) on here yet praises God of War infinitely .

It really is ironic and just shows the blatant fanboyism towards xbox one titles.

Yeah it looks decidedly average because its button bashing (like every hack & slash ever) and the combat looks simplistic but the target audience is the general public and it has to be made easy for them because 90% of people these days don't like a challenge.

I would preferred they had a look at a deep melee combat system like Chivalry on the PC and maybe taken some queues from that like having to aim your block and if using a shield your vision becomes impaired etc.

It could have been so much more dynamic and interesting but hey apparently having to learn in games these days is a very bad thing.
karl  +   875d ago
Lol.. u dont understand the deep gameplay of gow..

If u are 9ne of those guys who run through the game just using one attack thats your problem.. gow was amazing and u could pull amazing combos. Ryse looks clunky and boring.. u only support it cuz its an xone exclusive

Gow has proven itself many times already. Ryse is a new ip
Einhert  +   875d ago
Expected as much from an N4G comment.

1. I don't even plan on touching xbox one, my PC is already graphically superior and performs better and has far better games. But hey since I said not to judge a game from early closed in restrictive footage I must be an xbone fanboy? right? ....right?

2.I landed many combos on GOW and used many dynamics such as the different weapons, and abilities such as Icarus' wings and hermes boots.

3. You haven't played Ryse yet so how can you comment on the combat dynamics or how varied the combat is when the worst players on earth are showcasing the gameplay

4 It took a nose dive with ascension and Ryse could be a good game but judging it off a small part with limited gameplay shown by incompetant individuals does not do it justice.

5. If these same people demoed god of war III in limited areas against basic enemies it would look like turd as well.

pls go with your "you're not as pro at GOWIII as me" statement, completed it on Titan difficulty so I know all about how "deep" mashing buttons is...
#6.1.1 (Edited 875d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(8) | Report
karl  +   875d ago
what? i never said i was pro at anything. nor i had the attitude ...

i did said gow had a deeper gameplay than what u stated..

now ..many bashed gow ascension, soo its not "infinitely" praised as u said...

and no i havent played ryse but i only said what it looks like...

besides u were the one to compare it to gow..
when what we have seen of ryse looks way more simplistic than any gow game...

i do agree this ppl play like crap but we did have a few trailers from ryse and im sure if there was more to its gameplay we would have already seen it

at least something
#6.1.2 (Edited 875d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report
WeAreLegion  +   875d ago
God of War has a LOT more to it than Ryse. I'm not insulting Ryse. I just think your comment makes no sense. Don't compare the two. They have completely different styles.
LetoAtreides82  +   874d ago
Agreed. The only time people thought Ryse had some similarities to GoW was when they showed the first trailer. Any similarity was gone once they showed actual gameplay.
windblowsagain  +   875d ago
Screen tear.

Other then that looks ok.
NaAsAr  +   875d ago
I was thinking the samething. screen tearing :(
PsylentKiller  +   875d ago
There is also texture pop-in on the characters as well. The movement of the player looks like it feels clunky. This is definitely a rental or hopefully they will have downloadable demos on day one.
BG11579  +   875d ago
Reading the title I thought there was going to be a Snow storm during the fight... Was I supposed to be astonished with the snow or the lack of snow.
Supermax  +   875d ago
It is Japan peeps they have no clue on western games no concept on how to play them at all just look at the guy playing battlefield.
Ko_Uraki  +   875d ago
Seems least for some minutes. Clearly is the single player the main part of Ryse and by now they are working hard in it to make it good. If they reach their target Ryse could be the sleeping KA of the XboxOne
josephayal  +   875d ago
Nice graphics but the game looks boring to me :(
Kuse  +   875d ago
The same could be said for Deep Down, it looks pretty and all but lacks substance.
WeAreLegion  +   875d ago
Deep Down is essentially just a demo right now. They wanted to see how fast they can get it up and running on the PS4. Expect a lot more content to come.
Gamer666  +   875d ago

Yes, Last Guardian was demo too... Sony used it to hype PS3 for years... I know many gamers that bought PS3's because they anticipated the game... Now, the game may never even ship on the console they bought!
Hakoom  +   875d ago
i dont see anything nextgen about this
could probably run on ps3/360
byeGollum  +   875d ago
all launch games on "next gen" would run on current gen hardware with compromises. . so . .
Hakoom  +   875d ago
not realy..
killzone shadow looks nextgen to me
so does deep down although its not a launch title

ryse was a former 360.. that explains it
urwifeminder  +   875d ago
Looking forward to having a go at this I hate fantasy hacknslash so this will be a good change just hope monsters and magic don't show up that would destroy it for me.
DevilishSix  +   874d ago
Why does the armor look nice shiny and new on all the characters, like they have never done battle, kinda breaks the illusion for me?
1nsomniac  +   874d ago
Am I the only one who wonders why with the type of game this is, the quality & also the fact it's next gen - why is there no real time damage that's not cutscene based. It felt lacking.
Evil_Ghosty  +   874d ago
I got to play this last week actually, it was in the co op arena mode, thought it was pretty fun.
Mister_G  +   874d ago
Wasn't expecting ANY screen tearing in the next gen (on either machine), but suppose it's a demo, final build will hopefully be more solid.

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