1UP Reviews Coolest Girl in School

1UP writes: "Warning, parents! If you see your teenager playing a copy of Coolest Girl in School on their mobile phone, you should take it away from them immediately -- so you can play it for yourself! This controversial (to some) game of high school truth and consequences offers little actual advice for gaining popularity, but it's extremely funny and well written, despite the minimal production values.

Because it's cool to be different, Coolest Girl in School completely ditches animation and sound effects. This text-based multiple-choice quiz (calling it a role-playing game might be a bit of a stretch) takes place over 10 days in a wild Australian high school where teachers "pash" (French kiss) students, students "bludge" (ditch class) to go smoke "cones" (joints), and bodily fluids of all kinds (pus, vomit, blood, and urine, to name a few) are violently emitted with regularity. In other words, the parody hits pretty close to home".

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