Virtua Racer and Daytona USA Inspired 90s Arcade Racer Gets New Screen Shot For The Wii U

Check out the sweet looking new screen from Nicalis on their Twitter account. This screen shot brings back great memories of the Sega arcade racing days.

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jcnba281674d ago

This is probably my most anticipated eshop title. Looks really good so far.

Livingon6001674d ago

This game is all about offering me a personal nostalgia of having fun in the arcades. RIP arcades, hope you make a come back.

FlyingFoxy1674d ago

Arcades used to get the best graphics/games quite often before any home console, i think that pretty much stopped once the Dreamcast came along with it's perfect arcade ports.

Livingon6001674d ago

You are correct sir. Right around the 2000 era. I still remember the good ol days in Vegas when Sega had their own arcade at the Luxor casino. At this time there is no arcade, just some filthy lounge bar/nightclub filled with drunks in wife beater tanktops.

QuebecSuperstar1674d ago

I'm not really into racers but I might buy it out of pure nostalgia. I don't know, I'm tempted.

MNGamer-N1673d ago

How about Sega Rally or Virtua Fighter? Get some Sega