200° crashes with MGO launch

Word hit early this morning that the Metal Gear: Online beta became available for download. Shortly after downloading our copy from Sony, we found out we had to register for a Konami ID. Ok, fair enough, problem is, the [email protected]^^ SERVER CRASHED. After several frivolous attempts at creating an account and always receiving one of several error messages, our advice is to just wait a bit for the servers to come live again.

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chaosatom3333690d ago

Doesn't the beta start April 21?

pharmd3690d ago

yes but its dl'able NOW, and people are scrambling to get their konami IDs... i have the beta, am downloading the update, but cant get my ID due to the site pretty much telling me to PISS OFF!

steriotyp3690d ago

Once you get the download, you have to get update 1.01, which is roughly 150% biger than the original file. P2P is used here, don't use the http option as it will inevitably bail on you. Good luck!

sonarus3690d ago

Not sure how long it took me but i fell asleep woke up after 2hrs and it was done. Now i need a konami id though and the site is fvkd. Anyway good thing we can do this early so we won't be scrambling on the 21st

Sugaruby333690d ago

yea i know, i did the http and it worked the first time and in an 1 1/2 hours

konami didn't know it would be this big

i did have an konami id but i deleted it because i didn't like my game id since you cant use your PSN gamer tag and now i can't make another one DAMN!

NegativeCreepWA3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

That update took way to long. Oh yeah, and to clear up the some of the questions about the Gamer ID. If you press the square button over the log in option. It explains your Gamer ID is used for messaging, but your in game characters name is what ever you name it.

Edit: Go check it out. It says more but I cant remember it all.

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EZCheez3690d ago

Since about 12:oo EST I've tried at least once an hour and each time I've been shot down.

It's kind of a kick in the face after finally finishing the horrible download of the update 1.01 that took FOREVER.

Hopefully I'll have more luck later tonight.

MikeGdaGod3690d ago

i'm glad i did the Konami id thing yesterday. i downloaded the beta and the update so now i'm all set.

REMEMBER: when doing your Konami ids, you can still use your same PSN id. it just has to be in lower caps.

example - PSN: MikeG115, Konami game id: mikeg115

tonytouchx3690d ago

Man i hope they fix that soon,so i could get my id,cause im already hype to play this game,but in the other hand,this is a great month we get to play this game...hopefully and then we get to play Grand Theft auto 4 by the end of this month,this is going to be a sweet month :)

MURKERR3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

6 million pre–orders is that correct?

dude thats huge,ive never heard a pre–order that big EVER

i want confirmation

gambare3690d ago

well, konami reached the 1 mil in one day sale

nutjuice3690d ago

and they said they hope to sell a million on the first day

Skerj3690d ago

Lmao they underestimated the demand of the beta users, shouldn't listen to people who keep saying the PSN is dead and all that other stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.