Unbelievable GTA IV Shots Look Like Real Photos Of New York City

Kotaku - This week's gaming conversation has been dominated by Grand Theft Auto V, but these screenshots from a modded PC version of GTA IV are the most mind-blowing thing you'll see today.

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ATi_Elite1222d ago

Ah yes so Pretty!

Can't wait for GTAV PC and the ICEnhancer Mod!

Playing GTAV with photo realistic Graphics will be wonderful!

SnakeCQC1222d ago

ice enchancer is overrated its usually a buggy mess imho

clmstr1222d ago

Well, tbh the only bug I bumped into while using Icenhancer was a red sky one.
You know, if you've been using this mod for a long time, going back to vanilla IV is not enjoyable at all.

SnakeCQC1222d ago

Have you played the game in length of time with the mod? It is unplayable. I have a high specced modern system and fps is quite erratic.

x8001222d ago

I needs the PC version.

clmstr1222d ago

That's why we need V for PC asap.

clmstr1222d ago

Jealous console owner disagreed lol.

starchild1221d ago

Agreed. It will be great.

cactusjack1222d ago

im sure your going to need a $4k pc to run this,

Linwelin1222d ago

prolly about $800 really depends where you get your hardware from :)

Murad1221d ago

I'm running a 700 dollar build and mine rapes these specs, so no.

sourav931222d ago

I ran it fine back when I had my GTX 570, and that's a $200 card. So $800 would be for the whole package. So to sum it up, no; you don't need a $4000 PC to run this.

ginsunuva1222d ago

No, actually for these screens, they turn up settings to max and take screenshots, even though the game will run at like <10 frames per second.

They only need one frame for a picture.

Eiffel1222d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

Yet you can find videos on youtube with ENB's like these running at an average of 30-40 FPS with everything maxed.

For example,

kingduqc1221d ago

575$ for 1080p over 30 fps with

900$ for 2560*1440 50-60 fps

Murad1221d ago Show
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The story is too old to be commented.