Battlefield 4: First-ever PS4 gameplay footage surfaces, hands-on suggest “nothing to criticize”

Battlefield 4: First-ever PS4 gameplay footage surfaces, hands-on suggest “nothing to criticize”

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ABeastNamedTariq1427d ago

Hmm... While it's no PC version, from that awkwardly angled video, it looks pretty good. VERY smooth.

Maddens Raiders1427d ago

Good game + great console = One happy gamer and one frightened wallet right here.

Enemy1427d ago

Man it's weird that they don't even talk about the Xbox One version.

Godoftheweek1427d ago


I don't think it is weird, rather I think it is very telling as to what state the xbone version is. It is either not as far along, or it does not look as good, or both. That for me is the only logical explanation.

thechosenone1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

better version here.. yt is garbage.

AgentSmithPS41427d ago

Why are most of the players in gameplay vids so bad or just plain weird?

dantesparda1427d ago

Ugh! why is there still pop up, cant they get rid of the pop-up/pop-in? (whatever you wanna call it)

ShinMaster1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

Looks better than I was led to believe...

MWong1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

Looks beautiful and runs smoothly, too bad the player was awful. I mean the guy looked like most of the time he was on a stroll.

However, I do wonder if this version is optimized at 1080p version or is it running in the native graphics probably 900p. I laughed at 3:06 into the vid when the person walks in front of the camera. It reminded me of a bootleg movie.

starchild1427d ago

Honestly, as a PC gamer I have to say it looks great on the PS4. No screen tearing and it seems to have minimal aliasing and a fairly steady framerate.

I'm very picky and from what I can see I wouldn't mind playing this version at all. I'll still be getting the PC version, but it's good to see the PS4 will look great too.

NewMonday1427d ago

BF4 has more going on but straight up KillzoneSF is the better looking game.

aCasualGamer1427d ago

From looking at the pause menu and the description for L2 and R2 buttons, it doesn't seem to be the PS4 version. The buttons are convex, and we know that those buttons on PS4 are concave. Might just be me overanalyzing this footage.

blakstarz1427d ago


If you think about Battlefield tends to be catered a bit more to Playstation whereas COD tends to be favored more on the Xbox brand.
So it make sense to see the PS4 version shown more, but I'm sure the XB1 version is just as good, just like COD gameplay demo tend to show the Xbox more in the spotlight than the PS3.

lex-10201427d ago


Not really. The Xbox doesn't sell well in Japan. Actually it's sold so poorly that Microsoft abandoned the market all together. Not really surprising.

Christopher1427d ago

***Why are most of the players in gameplay vids so bad or just plain weird?***

Because most of us aren't good/great at every game. I suck at shooters. But, I enjoy playing them still.

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WillM171427d ago

In 720p resolution and high scaling, recording from a tv

3-4-51427d ago

can't wait for this.

Probably the first next gen game I'll buy.

ballsohard20131427d ago

wouldnt really call it next gen... only because any game that is on both ps3 and 360 can't fully live up to its potential...

but this game looks decent enough to get me by

starchild1427d ago

It doesn't matter if it is cross-gen.

Battlefield 3 was on PS3 and Xbox 360 as well, and it still looked amazing on the PC.

Cross gen games like Battlefield 4 and Assassin's Creed 4 were among the most graphically impressive games I saw at PAX Prime.

Volkama1427d ago

I'd say cross-gen matters, but Battlefield is a good example of doing it right. The features and scale take advantage of the hardware, they aren't just layering on some extra detail over the same experience (which is more common).

trancefreak1427d ago

God off screen has been looking good but direct capture would be so much sweeter.

Not much longer folks and I will have this beauty connected in my face with gorgeous games.

andibandit1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

Yes God looks pretty good off screen, but i agree, a direct capture of God would be better.

Down with the Atheists!!


a_squirrel1427d ago

And now we see the importance of grammar.

"God, off screen has been looking good but direct capture would be so much sweeter."

trancefreak1425d ago

LOL! A punctuation contest for my "enthusiasm"; Brilliant!

This Bud Light goes out to you MR. Punctuation man!

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GuyThatPlaysGames1427d ago

I thought i was watching BF3 gameplay.

seanpitt231427d ago

Iam not impressed at all.

lex-10201427d ago

Who's Iam? And why is he not impressed?

dcj05241427d ago

Is Iam a middle eastern name?

yeahokchief1427d ago

Not bad, but i'd rather be playing GTA V.

hades071427d ago

@ Enemy and Godoftheweek

The reason you dont see Xbone is the same reason why you rarely see playstation advertised along CoD, exclusive deals each company has. CoD gets their DLC published first on xbox and has advertising deals, playstation does the same with Battlefield.

TAURUS-5551427d ago

absolutely astonishing...only PS4 can achive that.