IGN: Afro Samurai First Look - Revenge is a dish best served at swordpoint

IGN writes: "Namco Bandai invited the press to preview its 2008 lineup this week, and we happily obliged. Although Japanese pop star (and birthday girl) Bonnie Pink stole the show, there were also loads of games on hand, including the intriguing Afro Samurai, a videogame version of the anime series that had its U.S. debut on Spike TV last year.

Created by Takashi Okazakia, the anime series was based on his original manga about the second-best samurai in the world who longs to become No. 1 and avenge his father's death in the process. When Afro Samurai dons a headband officially announcing his No. 2 status, every wannabe badass in the world goes after him, and edged mayhem ensues."

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