Call of Duty: Ghosts Introduced to the Japanese Audience with 20 Minute Long Documentary

Tokyo Game Show isn't just a chance for us to see a lot of spiffy Japanese games, but also an occasion in which the Japanese get exposed to the upcoming western games, and this is the case with Call of Duty: Ghosts, distributed locally by Square Enix.

In order to properly introduce the game to the Japanese audience, they put together a 20 minutes long "documentary" showing gameplay footage and Infinity Ward Executive Producer Mark Rubin as he describes the game (apparently the video may take a while to load when Nico Nico is under heavy traffic).

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Summons751641d ago

Those poor poor poor japanese one should ever be subjected to call of duty for more than a minute.

B-radical1641d ago

They are still furious about cod World at war jkssssss

HammadTheBeast1640d ago

Yeah, I kind of felt bad for the Chinese when they had to be put through CoD Online. Thankfully, it's flopped.

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FrigidDARKNESS1641d ago

FPS games aren't big in Japan but their are some diehard COD fans over there kinda like a niche market.

Swiggins1641d ago

Yup, there are hardened gun nuts/military afficianado's over in Japan just like there are weeaboos/otaku in America.

obelix011641d ago

Well its a good thing they didn't preview COD World at war, when that came out. That wouldn't have gone over well.

PurpHerbison1640d ago

Heheheheheheheheheheheheheheeh heehhehehe

Deadpoolio1640d ago

Hope they didn't forget to tell them about the dog and how real the dog looks down to the scars on it's nose or the tattoo in it's ear....Or the Fish man I hope they remembered to tell them about the fish and how real they are, how they swim away when you get too close...Cause those are both just huge selling points for COD......Just like the vaulting over objects while your moving and leaning from cover those have never been done before so innovative and ground breaking

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