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GameStop Responds to "GTA V Midnight Release Video" Controversy

GameStop is investigating an incident between a customer and a store manager during the Grand Theft Auto V midnight release that was recorded and posted on YouTube. (Culture, GameStop, Grand Theft Auto V)

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Kingthrash360  +   616d ago
dam is that ouya controller 49.99!! yeesh
zeal0us  +   616d ago
Either Gamestop ripping people off or Ouya Inc lost their damn mind thinking $50 for $99 would be a good I idea.
PoSTedUP  +   615d ago
gamestop ripping ppl off? no. friken. way. please, go on with your presumptuous accusation, im listening.
rainslacker  +   615d ago
That's the MSRP. It's the same on Amazon.
aiBreeze  +   615d ago
Lol this video.. I like how the person filming it was acting like he was on her side and she was too naive/stupid to realize the implications of this doing the rounds on the internet.

She will either be sacked or forced to quit from all the hate she'll probably get from viewers who recognize her. Either way, the other employees will be happy no doubt, she seems quite stuck up and I sure as hell wouldn't want her as my boss.
CaptainPunch  +   615d ago
She already got fired
aiBreeze  +   615d ago
Are you sure because in that article it says gamestop are still looking into it.
cl1983  +   615d ago
Piece says GS is still looking into ev erything, and no decision yet.
gaelic_laoch  +   615d ago
She sank to his level and was she was reveling in it so no sympathy, there are times it is best just to keep you mouth shut and people be knobs!

Would she have been so lippy had Trevor came in for his copy?
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nerdeu  +   615d ago
Respectful move by GameStop:

"Regarding the GTA V Midnight Release Video: We are aware of this incident and are currently investigating the situation. We regret that this happened, as we strive to ensure all customers receive a great experience when visiting our stores," the company wrote. "We would like to extend an apology to the affected customer as well as any other customer that was offended by this event."
Rikuson1  +   615d ago
Can someone explain exactly what even happened?
ilovefatgirls  +   615d ago
is it common for gamestop to ask for photo i.d? cant remember being asked myself
tcozzens  +   615d ago
Yeah, especially for GTA V. We never had to ID for a reserve until lately with GTA V. Also if the game is fully paid off you need to see an ID so that the game doesn't go to the wrong person for free. But yeah ID if you're unsure, granted she handled this horribly.
MethCupcakes  +   615d ago
Wait, I preorder shit all the time from my local GS, and I don't they never ask me for photo i.d when I go for it. Wtf... But then again I am a recurring customer.
Douchebag696  +   615d ago
I refuse to go into my local Gamestop for a similar situation regarding the midnight release of the last COD. Not the first time they did an absolutely horrible job when it came to a midnight release. Walmart does midnight releases as well with a lot less headache and they usually will give out free stuff while you're waiting.
Chrisgamerguy  +   615d ago
Lol y didnt he have his license its gta
DFray919  +   615d ago
damn!!!! there goes her free xbox1 AND PS4! DUMB ASS!
Godlovesgamers  +   615d ago
Not to mention exploitation of her work-wise with a 50+ hours a week while being paid a measly salary for only 40 hours a week. Slavery or serfdom?
jjb1981  +   615d ago
I'm glad they ID, especially for all credit card transactions.

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