First Gameplay Video of J-Stars Victory VS

Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, One Piece, Toriko, and Gintama characters duke it out in the first gameplay footage.

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tayz1705d ago

hell yes, hell yes, hell yes! it looks so good!!! i want so badd!!

Snookies121705d ago

The game is looking really great! I love the big open areas! Definite buy from the looks of it.

Rikuson11705d ago

Just add Seiya and I'm sold.. (I'm already sold but just make me more sold)

gear1705d ago

There is no one who can beat Goku.
If Goku gets serious he can beat all of them but there is one who is equal to goku that is pegasus SEIYA because Goku in Super saiyan+ is equal to Seiya golden armour since Seiya has the ability to slay a GOD!!