Grand Theft Auto V PC Petition Surpasses 470,000 Signatures

The Petition that is urging Rockstar Games to release Grand Theft Auto V on PC has surpassed 470,000 signatures, showing that it is gaining momentum. At time of writing, 470,680 gamers had indicated their support for the Grand Theft Auto V PC port, with 29,320 more needed, to bring it up to 500,000, before the request is mailed out.

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memots1704d ago

hell why not. Ill sign it as well.

vishmarx1704d ago

in other news..gta V makes $800 day 1 on "peasant" consoles

Ducky1704d ago

800 bucks.
Man, they must be ballin' hard after such a big payday.

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Orionsangel1704d ago

This is a waste of time. Yes of course Rockstar is releasing GTAV on PC. They've released every other one on PC. So why not this one? It's probably taking a little longer to complete than the console versions, but they're probably not gonna announce it until it's close to their launch date. If you they announced GTAV coming soon to PC now. That could hurt console sales. As more people than now, would wait for the PC version and not buy the console version. This way Rockstar gets those PC gamers who just can't wait and buy the console version and then gets them again when they also buy the PC version. $$$$$

GamingTruth1704d ago

i hope you really dont believe that

Orionsangel1704d ago

Yes, from a business stand point it makes sense. You want GTAV exclusively on consoles. So it's the only place in town to play the game. If they released the PC version with better graphics at the same time. It could overshadow the console version. This way GTAV can stand alone and shine on consoles. It worked. 800 million in sales day one. Now when it's time to release the PC version. They can hype it up all over again and make another large profit. I bought GTAIV on consoles and PC.

GamingTruth1704d ago

overshadow the console version on small screens the pc gamers are the only ones who think that way anyway i dont give 2 pieces of sand about pc or pc versions on tiny screens

Ducky1704d ago

^ Clearly you must care quite a bit, or else why would you be here?

Mikeyy1704d ago

Ok we have 2 articles about the 470K mile stone, and one about passing 400k, this is getting rediculous, Im sure well get another at 500k.

RyanBurnsRed1704d ago

Hopefully! I love reading all the ignorant idiotic console elitist comments.

Plagasx1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Come on PC gamers, lets do this!

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