Hands-on with Capcom's Deep Down for PlayStation 4 | Polygon

Polygon: "Capcom's first next-generation video game, Deep Down, is certainly pretty, if (currently) a little shallow, based on our hands-on time with the medieval-meets-modern-day dungeon crawler coming to PlayStation 4."

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xKugo1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Well, nobody can say that this game looks bad because in my opinion it looks even better than KZ: SF, which is really saying something. The gameplay can certainly be improved, though; showing a little bit more variety in both enemy monsters, locations would be extremely welcome. I would also like to see some more of the dragon; but this time maybe having it move around a bit, if only to test that 60fps mark and how it holds up with a lot of action screen.

Still though, game is really something to marvel at. Certainly going to be a great visual benchmark for next-gen games.

GiggMan1585d ago

I'm pretty sure we will be seeing more monsters, weapons, and locales the only question is when. The game looks very early and yet still appealing. It's going to be fun to keep an eye on it as it progresses.

PoSTedUP1585d ago

they said the game actually generates monsters and maps, dunno if that's different variations or locations, but it does sound really awesome, im sure it'll have more different variations of each. if not, ill just have to play it for a few weeks, marvel at the graphics, then sell it if it gets boring and play some KZ:SF.

NewMonday1585d ago

the dragon fight was awesome, really showed what the game is about.

DoesUs1585d ago

Then you really need to see the latest Shadowfall build. ;)

xKugo1585d ago

You got a link to the latest build?

DoesUs1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Many improvements over E3/Gamescom build.

EDIT: An even better vid just posted.

Scratchj that, its the same one 8)

TheOneEyedHound1585d ago

My most wanted game with The Order 1886.

Can't wait to get my hands on this.

Sony is bringing the New Ip's hard!

PoSTedUP1585d ago

imagine they announce The Getaway3 and theyve been woeking on it all the time. man, my heart would melt.

sovkhan1585d ago

lol same expectations here, but it is gonna be a long way for the Order though...

yakuzakazuya1585d ago

Is that Deep Down TGS demo running at 1080p native? It looks really good IMO.

Thehyph1585d ago

My Polygon review preview:
The game somehow gets released multi platform: 8 or 9/10
The game releases as ps4 exclusive: 6/10

ashraf0071585d ago

This makes me more convinced with the great lineup of PS4 games vs XBONE!

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