GamesRadar: Tales of Vesperia - hands-on

GamesRadar writes: "Tales of Vesperia is the first major RPG to be presented in HD, Producer Gouda Tsutomu boasted at last night's Bandai Namco press event. "[We] have finally realized the ideal RPG that Tales has always tried to be."

After drooling over that trailer, we heartily agree - Tales of Vesperia is quite possibly the most gorgeous game we've ever seen on the Xbox 360, more beautiful even than its distant cousin, Eternal Sonata. If the ideal of the Tales series was to be the supermodel of anime-style imagery, then Vesperia has won the beauty pageant well before the summer 2008 release date."

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sonarus3869d ago

Game looks great. But where the hell is eternal sonata namco.

ruibing3869d ago

With Shadow Hearts and Xenosaga gone, the only three big JRPG series left are Final Fantasy, Tales, and Star Ocean. But I suppose there is also Disgaea, Persona, and Valkyrie Profile if they ever make it to HD.