IGN: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Preview

IGN had the opportunity to check out several intriguing titles at Namco Bandai's recent press event, but one game that really caught there attention was Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm for the PS3. Developed by CyberConnect2, the team behind the Ultimate Ninja Heroes games for the PSP, Ultimate Ninja Storm already looks like a highly entertaining piece of software. A few details about the game were presented at the opening of the press event, but IGN also had the privilege of sitting down with Hiroshi Matsuyama, President/CEO of CyberConnect2 to take a close look at what could be the coolest Naruto game yet.

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Violater3812d ago

No Online?
hmmm tough one, not feeling so enthused anymore.

pwnsause3812d ago

they can always patch it if theres a demand for it, we just have to get loud at them.

Yi-Long3812d ago

.. and I'm a big Naruto fan, so i have high hopes...


They will need to make sure of at least 3 things:
- Original japanese voices (with english subs)
- Original music
- Enough characters in the retailversion, and not the same DLC-scamming that Ubisoft tried to pull on the 360! (I boycotted the game because of that)

spacetoilet3812d ago

I always watch anime with original sound/voices. I tried to watch anime on adult swim sometimes and its painful. The voices they dub on are so effeminate and far off the original voices, it loses character.
Western dubbed anime sucks BALLS.

Nitrowolf23812d ago

cant wait for this game
but no online that bites.
hopefully the offline story can make up for this.
cant wait to hear and see more trailer about it.
How many charcter again? 25? that a bit low hopefully they will put in more character than that.

madestar3812d ago

wow... this wins my $60...