GamesRadar: Powerup Forever Preview - An endlessly evolving shooter heads to XBLA and PSN

It's about time somebody took a healthy, competitive stab at Geometry Wars. It's been riding high up on its Xbox Live Arcade bestseller seat for far too long. Well, Powerup Forever is here to do just that, and then some, for both XBLA and the Playstation Network. From a god's eye view, you'll navigate a formidable evolving craft with the left analog stick, while using the right stick to fire in all directions.

But instead of blasting rudimentary shapes, Powerup Forever will have you coursing through an organic sci-fi environment with zero boundaries. Hope you didn't think that name was meaningless, because it accurately conveys the game's entire hook. Similar to Katamari Damacy or flOw, your ship will change and increase in size as you defeat/consume enemies. As you grow, once dormant on-screen objects become primary foes, at least until you grow some more, and dwarf them into insignificance.

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nutjuice3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

if this isn't 5 bucks it won't outsell Geometery WArs