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Submitted by Rashid Sayed 871d ago | review

The Wonderful 101 Review | GB

"Developed by Platinum Games and directed by Hideki Kamiya, the same team that brought us that hair-whipping witch Bayonetta, the Wonderful 101 is as nostalgic as it is brilliant. " (The Wonderful 101, Wii U) 5/10

ritsuka666  +   871d ago
But the travesty of being a challenging game as opposed to being a down right broken one is something I would rather not go through again.'

You are drunk Gamingbolt, no way this game deserve this score.
Sanquine90  +   871d ago
Sorry this is a disgrace... This game is marvelous.. Superb! I play this on my wii U and my girlfriend and we having a blast. As ritsuka 666 said you're drunk gamingbolt, go home
360ICE  +   871d ago
This is exactly right. Every opinion that does not concur with this review is a direct blow to everything the human kind has fought for.
-Gespenst-  +   871d ago
I heard there's a few opinions of this game that mistake the challenge of it for it just being broken and porrly made. This is clearly one of them. Gamers have their hand held too much in games these days. While difficult games frustrate me, I still appreciate the challenge, as well as games that are deliberately challenging. Not just in gameplay but in terms of breaking conventions and being sophisticated in general.
GARBAGE LICKER  +   871d ago
This game and Killzone Mercenary are so underrated by reviewers
admiralvic  +   870d ago
In what reality is Killzone Mercenary underrated?

It currently has a 78 on Metacritic, with 52 / 18 being over 70. It also several sites saying it proves that shooters work on the Vita and praise it for bringing the console experience to the Vita. So unless we're REALLY at a point where just under 80 is mediocre... then I really have nothing to say.
Summons75  +   871d ago
Having a challenge and need skill = broken :/

Never wanna see what they think about Demon Souls. This game is great, should probably learn to game first before taking on the big leagues. Call of duty is a good learning game for kids, go back to that.
admiralvic  +   870d ago
Why do people bring up Demon / Dark Souls in topics like this, when ALL (okay 90%+) of the difficulty comes from rushing things? No joke. If you don't rush it and learn from your mistakes, then it becomes a very doable title. You still might die from making an error or bad luck, but it doesn't require anywhere near the same amount of skill found in say Ninja Gaiden.

Also having played The Wonderful 101 (probably more than a lot of people can say), I certainly understand the complaints about difficulty. It's definately a game where you probably should start with easy, get a feel for the game / unlock all the unite forms, max out your equipment and then start trying hard or higher.

I wouldn't be surprised if Platinum Games felt the same way, since you can only play up to normal on your first cycle and the demo takes place on the second mission, but with power ups / skill you would get by the end of that mission / the next mission (you got to buy the dodge / cake block skill and the unite gun comes later on).
Summons75  +   870d ago
Challenge to Demon/Dark Souls is the same here. Rushing in is your biggest enemy. You start small and have to work and unlocking new abilities and items. Souls you don't start with the best armor, you have to work for it. You need to learn from your mistakes and adapt to new styles.

This game is tons of fun, I find barely any challenge in it most of the time since I started unlocking abilities and learning how to take advantage of them. De/Dar Souls is challenging but not nearly on the level of when I started each respective game.

Same with Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry, ALWAYS start small. They suggest you start easy to get abilities then move up. The more you learn from your mistakes the better you will be. Most gamers are spoiled and have the game played for them by the game (next gen by someone else because of that nasty share button).

I remember getting so mad at Ninja Gaiden, Contra, Super Earth Defense Force and other Nes/Snes games because they were challenging. Needing to start small but learn from my mistakes and adapting.

People complaining about difficulty need to either shut up and learn to play or go play a game more their speed like Cod. It's not the games fault because the player sucks.
admiralvic  +   870d ago
"Challenge to Demon/Dark Souls is the same here." ... "This game is tons of fun, I find barely any challenge in it most of the time since I started unlocking abilities and learning how to take advantage of them."

Since you think Demon / Dark Souls has the same challenge, then I take it you haven't actually played The Wonderful 101, since they're polar opposites.

The only hard thing in Demon / Dark Souls is taking things slowly. This means NOT running head first into every situation and sitting back to think a second about what horrors could be waiting for you. Guy behind the door, dragon flames, dogs, whatever. Once you figure out what to do, you slowly and carefully go into the room and see what is going on. Whatever the result is, you make a mental note to remember that going forward. This is all Demon / Dark Souls is about... being careful and learning. Nothing about this requires the best or even good gear to beat the game. Many people have proven it's completely possible to beat the game without leveling or doing a single upgrade. This is not because they're the single most amazing games that have ever graced gods green earth, but because they took the time to master the game and know what to do and what not to do (it's still a feat, just not an impossible one like beating Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2's challenges with the AI. No joke, no one has literally ever done it before . Note: I only mention the Vita version because the Vita version has no online, thus you don't have to go off someones word or watch a bunch of videos to verify)

This is not true for The Wonderful 101, since all your battles take place in clearly telegraphed areas and do not require you to be careful. You can run into every battle and probably never be at a disadvantage (which is the whole concept where Demon / Dark Souls is hard). In fact, elements of The Wonderful 101 are in theory easy, since everything boils down to tactics.

Fight a tank? Use the group move to shoot the cannon balls bomb things back.
Fighting a spiky guy? Use the whip.
Fighting something with easy armor? Stop, hammer time.
Fighting a bunch of grunts? Sword does wonders.

Obviously you can make it hard on yourself, but the trick to this game is having the skill / knowledge to use the right weapons. However, you can make a bunch of errors (even on higher difficulties) and still successfully complete the mission. Probably with a F grade, but it isn't like Demon / Dark Souls where you ever need to learn anything. Most of the enemies have "bad", but "doable" ways to defeat them. Like 10+ sword slashes or reflect 1 cannon ball. The former is doable, but will cause you more problems than it's worth.
Summons75  +   870d ago
Your a funny little troll. I bought w101 day one and love every minute of it. Yes it's fast pace but you still need to THINK about your combos, what's strong against what and how to defend yourself. Demon dark souls is slower but it comes down to how well you THINK on your feet and how well you prepare.

Two different games but the skill comes from how you think and prepare, fast or slow.
_QQ_  +   870d ago
Finally having played this game i can say, where are these low scores coming from? seriously as far as the controls go if you can't learn them after an hour or so of playing i don't know what to tell you.The game is so unique like a classic Nintendo title, great mix of action,puzzles and then some.
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deafdani  +   870d ago
Whoah. Although I love Wonderful 101, I can understand how this game doesn't hold the same appeal for everyone, but 5/10?

Preposterous. This game isn't anywhere close to being "mediocre". This review is nuts, and just a big disservice to the game and Platinum's efforts behind it.
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RAFFwaff  +   870d ago
poor review. im playing through The Wonderful 101 while my copy of GTA5 sits unopened in a drawer. I think that says it all, rather than listing off what makes it so hectic, amazing, frustrating, fist-pumpingly bat-shit crazy....

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