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"Developed by Platinum Games and directed by Hideki Kamiya, the same team that brought us that hair-whipping witch Bayonetta, the Wonderful 101 is as nostalgic as it is brilliant. "

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ritsuka6661678d ago

But the travesty of being a challenging game as opposed to being a down right broken one is something I would rather not go through again.'

You are drunk Gamingbolt, no way this game deserve this score.

Sanquine901678d ago

Sorry this is a disgrace... This game is marvelous.. Superb! I play this on my wii U and my girlfriend and we having a blast. As ritsuka 666 said you're drunk gamingbolt, go home

360ICE1678d ago

This is exactly right. Every opinion that does not concur with this review is a direct blow to everything the human kind has fought for.

-Gespenst-1677d ago

I heard there's a few opinions of this game that mistake the challenge of it for it just being broken and porrly made. This is clearly one of them. Gamers have their hand held too much in games these days. While difficult games frustrate me, I still appreciate the challenge, as well as games that are deliberately challenging. Not just in gameplay but in terms of breaking conventions and being sophisticated in general.


This game and Killzone Mercenary are so underrated by reviewers

admiralvic1677d ago

In what reality is Killzone Mercenary underrated?

It currently has a 78 on Metacritic, with 52 / 18 being over 70. It also several sites saying it proves that shooters work on the Vita and praise it for bringing the console experience to the Vita. So unless we're REALLY at a point where just under 80 is mediocre... then I really have nothing to say.

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