GTA V glitches

The glitches have started to roll in for Grand Theft Auto V, whilst none of them are as insane as the swing set glitch from GTA IV, there are still some seriously weird bugs going on in the game. One of which includes an exploit to make a character infinitely loop, and another involves a car getting stuck inside a gate.

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Snookies121488d ago

I've seen a bus spawn above a house and fall to the ground. It made me lol. I just woke up and I'm already wanting to play again. This game is addicting...

TNTgamer1488d ago

Yep, I want to find a swing set... Just to test the theory again.

Snookies121488d ago

It would be hilarious if they put that into the game. I spent quite a lot of time around those in IV.

TNTgamer1488d ago

What you guys reckon? Should I go looking for a swing set?

Glitchamanjaro1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

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