How to upgrade select PS3 games to PS4 version

As announced during PlayStation’s Gamescom press conference, there will be a simple way to upgrade to the PS4 digital version of four select games, for a low discounted price, when you buy the PS3 version of those games. Here are the full specifics so you’re set for 29th November.

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gaelic_laoch1678d ago

I think I can wait a week or two to pick up the PS4 version! I know I am a compulsive buyer and OCD but I am not that thick!

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Tsar4ever011678d ago

What I don't understand is WHY do you still need the PS3 BF4 disc to actually play the digi version. I get how everything else works. And besides that, What about how to get a entitlement voucher for all those prefer the HARD copy version of BF4?

HeyImBen111678d ago

So you can't just sell the disc.

KingKevo1678d ago

Or the code for the discounted version if you do not intend to buy a PS4.

It makes sense from a business perspective, because if they wouldn't do that people could either get the current gen version for a few bucks or the PS4 version for a few bucks of a product that would still be full price at that point.

UltimateMaster1678d ago

Why not just wait a few weeks.

Seriously, there's going to be plenty of those games laying around.

Just go with the PS4 version from the start.

UltimateMaster1678d ago

Granted, this is better than what the Xbox One promotion offers.

Xbox One forces you to trade in your copy of your 360 game back to Gamestop and they give you the new version of Xbox One for 10$ more.

Whereas with PS3 and PS4, you get to keep both versions. Twice the fun.

PS version promotions also last longer to redeem them.

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TAURUS-5551677d ago

thanks sony youre the best ¡¡¡

Majin-vegeta1678d ago

I would buy BF4 on current gen and upgrade later but since it's a digital copy .No thanks.Physical>Digital when possible.

alexkoepp1678d ago

Na, digital provides much better benefits than the limitations of physical media

SonyNGP1678d ago

So how about that digital copy of GTA V eh?

alexkoepp1678d ago

For example, I go out and buy a record (yes they still make them). I can go play that record on my record player, or anyone elses. If I buy the MP3, I can play it on my computer, in my car, my iPod, my phone, my blu-ray player, my smart tv, my xbox, my playstation, my laptop, and anywhere there is an internet connection I can access it. Digital provides awesome benefits that physical media just cant.

TheEvilWithin1678d ago

OR you can upload your CD to the computer and put the content on anything you like... In the end you still own the original copy and you can choose to do with it what you will.

Wintersun6161678d ago


You can do that all if you just rip the record to your PC. Also you can't compare digital distribution of music and games like apples and apples. Can you download a PS3 game and play it on any other devices? Nope.

sentury1111678d ago

Regarding music, if you buy the Cd on amazon they provide you with the digital copy for free. So buy there and get both versions.

Th4Freak1678d ago

Kinda, for those who want to use Remote Play, digital is the way to go because they won't have to switch discs.

WeAreLegion1678d ago

The digital copy of GTA V is nice. My brother downloaded a copy from my account, too. So, we both only paid $30. ;)

alexkoepp1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

ripping the CD made it digital... so all the benefits from there are the benefits of a digital copy...


No, but you can access that game from any PS3 and you have to take nothing with you but your account info, much better than having to account for an outdated disc delivery system, IMO - I can't imagine having discs for my STEAM library and having to find the disc to play a game... ugh... going all digital this next gen... the days of disc swapping are finally going to be over

FunAndGun1678d ago

You still need the PS3 disc if you are upgrading the games to PS4. Therefore you will still have to switch discs to play the digital game.

For these upgradeable options at least.


And when internet goes off or where you're going to have no access, what you do?

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InTheZoneAC1678d ago

if you have multiple consoles in the house you can put the game you purchased once on them all

and I prefer all my games on the HDD anyway

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alexkoepp1678d ago

I hope the cross-gen game stuff only happens with these launch titles, I'd rather see developers pouring all their resources into next gen titles, this generation has gone on far to long as is, lets usher in the new generation

Mr Logic1678d ago

Sorry, not happening. I'm not disagreeing with you, but I don't see it that way. Unfortunately it all comes down to $$$ not games. Publishers are not going to want to pass up 160mill consoles (ps3 & 360). Not to mention you have things like the Wii U which is more or less on par with the last gen so ports will be happening. Plus at $400 and $500 vs the new $200 ps3 for example and prices will continue to fall. Down the road people will have to decide between a blu-ray player or something like a Roku vs a PS3 for relatively the same price +games+netflix/hulu/vudu+hdd+3 d+etc.

This generation will take a while to die mark my words. I just hope they don't hold back the next gen.

This is the main reason I'm holding out on the next gen. Not enough value. The ONLY reason IMO to buy either console is for the exclusives and frankly neither really has them.

Deadpoolio1678d ago

The 360 will be killed off the minute the One80 comes out. It's the same thing they did with the Original Xbox the minute the 360 came out. You might see a couple of multiplats here and there but that will be about it....Sony however seems to support their old machine for quite sometime even after they release a new one

jjb19811678d ago

So somebody could gamefly it and get the ps4 version for free?

Lovable1678d ago

DAYUM! Looking for loopholes already! Gamers FTW!

Marceles1678d ago

No since a code comes with the disc based version. I'm sure Gamefly will keep them for themselves

IRetrouk1678d ago

I think you have to use the disk each time you want to play the game, eventually u have to send the disk back.

aquamala1678d ago

"To play the PS4 version of the game when it becomes available, you’ll need to insert the original PS3 disc in your PS4 to activate and play the PS4 version"

admiralvic1678d ago

"Gamers who purchase a PS3 Blu-ray Disc of these four games will find a code packed into the PS3 version that they can redeem on PlayStation Store. To play the PS4 version of the game when it becomes available, you’ll need to insert the original PS3 disc in your PS4 to activate and play the PS4 version, so hang onto that PS3 disc!"

So basically it works like Dead Space 2 LE / Killzone Trilogy / etc, which isn't exactly that amazing.

It's basically a program where you pay up to $70 dollars to have both versions of the game, but at the cost of 10+ gb download (3 was 13 gb I believe, so at least that) and none of the added benefits of owning a digital version of the game.

zpoc1678d ago

damn, that's disappointing. i was hoping to buy the ps3 version, keep the code and sell the disc. guess i'll just wait and buy the ps4 version after all.

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Gamesgbkiller1678d ago

I think I may buy BF4 on PS3.

Because there is no date when the PS4 comes out in my country.

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