GamesRadar: Soulcalibur IV - hands-on - No, we didn't get to play as Yoda or Darth Vader

GamesRadar writes: "We're going to talk about how we got to try out one of the new female fighters, and tell you about the new Soul Gauge system, but let's get two obvious points out of the way: Soulcalibur IV is due out July 29, and it's a very pretty game (look at the screens). The character designs are covered with details and sparkles and arenas are bright and unusual, even the lightsabers (yes, they have those now) glow like deadly Christmas ornaments. Of course, saying a fighting game for 360 and PS3 looks good is about as unusual as saying that they decided to include a punch button, so let's get on to the stuff that actually matters about Soulcalibur IV.

First, the two bonus characters are Yoda, for Xbox 360, and Darth Vader, for PS3. The reasoning behind who goes with which platform is supposedly based entirely on system color schemes. Other than those two, and Achievement points, the two versions of the game should be identical."

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GiantEnemyCrab3895d ago

On the Vader and Yoda thing, both characters will be available to the other system after time according to the Soul Caliber preview in EGM.

I assume they are in both versions and it will be some unlock DLC.