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'GTA V' PC Petition Hits 450,000 Signatures, Becomes the 10th Biggest Campaign on Site

8CN: Players really, really want Grand Theft Auto V on the PC, so much so that a Change.org petition has already broken 460,000 signatures, garnering 100,000 in the past three days alone. The petition is reportedly the biggest gaming petition ever on the site, and the 10th largest global campaign in the site's entire history. (Grand Theft Auto V, PC)

ATi_Elite  +   749d ago
....and the petition to NOT make a GTAV PC is at 11,283 vs. 428,926 to make GTAV PC.

It's a safe bet to say GTAV PC will be released as the PC version is already in production.
MasterCornholio  +   749d ago
I'm pretty sure the game will come out on
PC and next gen consoles.

P.S I hope Rock star does a better job with the PC version than GTA IV.

Nexus 7 2013
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Deadpoolio  +   749d ago
How many times do they need to say that they are not going to bring it to next gen consoles before people actually grasp it....It's been said at least 7 times that NO it will not be coming to PS4 or One80...Seriously!!!! PC yeah most likely they have never said no to that but 7 times saying NO it is not coming to next gen consoles, its getting old and it's overkill at this point
Stsonic  +   749d ago
I think it's safe to say the entire game was made with PC in mind and then just sampled down for PS3 and 360.

Hopefully it's the same way they made Max payne 3 opposed to gta4 as the former is flawless on PC.
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KazHiraiFTW  +   749d ago
Max Payne 3 is one of the best ports I've seen. Runs very smooth, with some really impressive high res textures added. Also great job on the audio. These 2 things are the main reason the game had a whopping 35gb install size.

On topic: People can stop with the petition, GTA was born on the PC and every game has been released on the PC. Why would they even consider stopping support for the PC with GTA5?
JsonHenry  +   749d ago
The PC will be the lead platform for most new games thanks to the x86 architecture of the new consoles. Most games would have to go out of their way not to release on PC.
GodGinrai  +   749d ago
I can definetly see that being the case for multiplatform games, now. Crossed my mind months back when both companies confirmed they were using custom AMD APUs. I think this is good for the development side of things as almost every dev out there has worked with X86.
nirwanda  +   749d ago
I've just signed it purely because I would like a next gen version.
GraveLord  +   749d ago
What's the point of the petition? The game is obviously coming to PC next year. No petition necessary.
Donnieboi  +   749d ago
Can't hurt though. At least they know they tried.
Marcello  +   749d ago
We just need to send Trevor round to Rockstar to um persuade them hihihi :P
XboxFun  +   749d ago
I agree, with the money R just made on the first day there is no doubt that this game is coming to the PC as well as Xbox One and PS4.
Deadpoolio  +   749d ago
PC YES....PS4/One80 NO....They've said it like 7 times now...It's not coming to next gen consoles, people need to get over it #DealWithIt and move on with their lives.
camel_toad  +   749d ago
I'll definitely be buying it again on pc. Loving it on ps3 but I want 1080p, 60fps and the inevitable mods.
Plagasx  +   749d ago
I hope it's this year though..
AmkOwns  +   749d ago
Thats a lot of Pirates hehe /s
sorane  +   749d ago
If you want to see a lot of pirates go look at the gta5 360/ps3 torrents.
OttoniBastos  +   749d ago
Still the sales on consoles are 10x better
sorane  +   749d ago
^^ source? and if you post a link to vga you'll just get laughed at.
VonBraunschweigg  +   749d ago
Funny how PC gamers always demand sources with exact number before they even want to think about the influence of piracy. Waiting, less optimised ports like GTAIV, or no port at all like with RDR, could it have something to do with more people downloading than buying? Nah, show me the numbers! Well there aren't. Does that mean the salesnumbers are good on PC, knowing the userbase is always far bigger on PC, and knowing still most people play GTA on PC? Well not now, but they used to. They are not good.

Right now there's no PC version, that's why the only versions on torrent sites are indeed only for consoles. All platforms are hacked, some are more hacked than others so there's a difference. On console the vast majority does not have a modded machine and still buys the game, on PC it's, how should I put it for you numbercrunchers, well less favourable. But if you really want numbers, just check your harddrives.

If it was the opposite, consolegamers would be waiting for a port right now. But we're not. For now, back to...ah well. Let's end it with a positive note, the game is well worth the waiting.
sorane  +   749d ago
^^ so you're saying some troll that throws out some bs 10x amount number shouldn't have to show proof of that? I should just take this guys word like he actually knows?

"They are not good."

Source? Or please tell me how you know the sales for gta4 pc were bad. Do you work in Rockstars accounting department? What am I checking my hardrive for? Oh and my gta4 runs just fine. In fact it's run better than the console version since the day I bought it at the same settings. Love how you trolls just pull stuff out of thin air and then cry about it when someone actually wants a tiny bit of proof. Come more prepared next time please, or at least think for a minute before you start posting things that you have absolutely no clue about.
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gaelic_laoch  +   749d ago
Sloppy seconds for PC owners, you can have it!
sorane  +   749d ago
Worth the wait since the last time we got "sloppy seconds" of gta we got.....

AmkOwns  +   749d ago
@sorane oh wow dude, them graphics they look like real life holy sh*t ..you must go out a lot :/
AmkOwns  +   749d ago
@soran last time i checked there was an article here saying they made roughly around $800m from tehz ps3 and xbox...
GodGinrai  +   749d ago
Im saying this as a console gamer that has sampled the delights of PC gaming over the last 12 months..the PC version will rule them all. I will still buy it on the platform my friends all play it on.
Plagasx  +   749d ago
Lol, if Sloppy Seconds means 60fps, full 1080p and awesome mods then cool with me.
andrewer  +   749d ago
Dumb move to not release it on PC, R* is just playing hard to get lol
Jon_Smackenrow  +   749d ago
Stop ripping off games, graphic-whoring-theving-pc-Fac sist, and they will make if for you.
VonBraunschweigg  +   749d ago
Petitions laid on storeshelves for years, nobody signed. So now you get this.
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kingduqc  +   749d ago
Right now there is thousands of people downloading the 360 or ps3 version of the game... So much for pirating only on pc.

There is 500k people willing to buy the game that signed the petition.

It's not only about graphics, console version is running at fucking 12 fps http://i.imgur.com/1qfELJ7....

Unplayable garbage is what you get, gta started on pc and made it big, it's still a big part of the gaming market and gamers deserve gta 5 on pc.

I jow you are jealous of our resolution and that we get what we want always kido but don't generalise millions of people.
starchild  +   748d ago
This is the stupidest argument that some console gamers make.

The PC gets more games than any other platform. You think because you point out one or two games that haven't made it to the PC that it means it's because of piracy. I can name at least a dozen games that are on PC and 360 but not on PS3, or on PS3 and PC but not on the 360. All platforms miss out on some multiplatform games.

The fact is, piracy is a problem on all platforms. And even with piracy the PC brought in 20 billion dollars in revenue last year from game sales alone, which is far more than any single console.

The whole game industry (both hardware and software), including all the consoles, all handhelds, all phones and tablets, and PC, was only around 65 billion that same year. So that really puts into perspective just how much money PC gaming generates.
GhostHero333  +   749d ago
consoles rule lol
kingmushroom  +   749d ago
I'm playing it like crazy. just decided to take a small break. suck to be waiting for the Pc version
OttoniBastos  +   749d ago
450000? wow the torrenting will be massive...
rajman  +   749d ago
lol a petition for a game that was always coming to PC. Does anyone really think it wasn't?
Zancruz  +   749d ago
It's honestly pathetic, The "Master Race" on their knees begging.... Smh

For one, Rockstar ain't dumb they know they have an huge PC following and they'll be missing out on millions IF they didn't... I believe Rockstar will announce the game for PC and Next Gen Consoles at E3 2014 the latest and will have a summer or fall release 2014. Why? I bet Rockstar wants the focus around Current Gen for this holiday season and most likely thinks that they can get double sales from most of their customers (I will be one of them).

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