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Techland: Xbox One & PS4 will reach "maximum performance much sooner"

Examiner: "Bethesda Softworks thinks that it will take at least six years to hit the maximum optimization of the Xbox One and PS4 after they release. But today, in an exclusive interview with Game On, Techland COO Pawel Zawodny commented with his thoughts on the matter." (PS4, Techland, Xbox One)

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EXVirtual  +   465d ago
Well, I guess that's the point of having an x86 architecture. Now what worries me is that publishers will tap out the systems in 3-5 years and say: 'We can't make innovative games, due to limitations. Rich of RTU has this concern too, but it's really just an excuse for publishers to put out the same crap over and over again. Obviously not all, but some.

I definitely don't think this gen is gonna last 10 years, I'd say 5-7. I've never seen a piece of hardware that hasn't been replaced or updated in 10 years. That being said, the consoles won't be on max optimization for at least 3 years. PS4 especially.
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thrust  +   465d ago
The x86 architecture use to have 4gig ram limit years ago has this changed now?
Dark_Overlord  +   465d ago
Rather than hit you with a disagree, I thought you'd prefer an explanation :)

You're referring to the 32bit version of the x86 instruction set, which did indeed have a limit (about 3.5GB I believe), the new consoles use the 64bit version of the x86 instruction set which can address far more memory :)

EDIT - Theoretical limits

16 bit = 65,536 bytes (64 Kilobytes)

32 bit = 4,294,967,295 bytes (4 Gigabytes)

64 bit = 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 (16 Exabytes)
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Gaming_Guru  +   465d ago
Because the console will be maxed out sooner it doesn't mean there will be less innovation. If anything it will push developers for better games since it will be more about the gameplay than anything else equaling the playing field with indie developers to a degree.
redwin  +   465d ago
In not too far future, with dedicated servers and the cloud, PS4 and the Xbox, won't have to rely on hardwear. The console will just login to the Sony and Microsoft domain and we'll just play. I think I'll come to how fast your connection is and how good us your display.
Jeedai Infidel  +   465d ago
@EXVirtual That's what the Wii is for, after 3 years if they can't look any better, then pull the Wii out and play it for two weeks then go back to Ps4/Xbox1 and viola, graphics look great again.
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Jeedai Infidel  +   464d ago
Oops, *voilà
DirtyPimp  +   465d ago
im excited to see what they roll out on ps4 in late 2014 (tech wise) imagine a terminator 2 game developed by naughty dog, using frostbite 3.
Spinal  +   465d ago
Lool that just sounds terrible.

A game about running from the T1000 using vehicles an shooting back at the machine that's chasing u? Lool terrible.

Movie games suck for a reason. An vice versa movies based on a game. Street fighter I'm looking at you.
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TRD4L1fe  +   465d ago
thank God you're not a game designer or developer
OpieWinston  +   465d ago

Terminator? Awesome

Naughty Dog? Not really experienced in that style of action gameplay that Terminator fans would demand. Not to mention Arnold Terminator fans.

Frostbite 3? Dice made all iterations of Frostbite, and it's licensed out to EA owned studios.

All in all, you clearly shouldn't have a say in anything gaming related.
beerzombie  +   465d ago
Even as an Xbox fan that's what I want to play and why I think the cameras and cloud in both systems are great for gamming.
gaelic_laoch  +   465d ago
Looks like the Xbone has already been maxed out in comparison to the PS4 unless that is the CLOUD can float to the rescue!
thrust  +   465d ago
Do you have a link to show the Xbox one maxed out?
gaelic_laoch  +   465d ago
30 1080p VS 20 900p
thrust  +   465d ago
Is ryse running on the ps4 now?

Bf4 are the same on both consoles, unless you have the same game you have no argument.

P.s that was not a link.
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PFFT  +   465d ago
You sir gaelic are a fool.
But whatever helps you sleep better at night.
TRD4L1fe  +   465d ago
honestly how BIG of a difference is 1080p to 900p, and im sure not all games on the ps4 is going to run 1080p
Nekroo91  +   465d ago
actually its really makes a difference in small things like vegetation. looks way more clear
eplusr  +   465d ago

If you aren't getting one why do you even care? I first joined n4g to actually read articles and constructive comments and soon realized that the site is filled with extremes on both ends of the spectrum.

Can't we all just get along tech is tech no need for folks in both camps to keep justifying their purchases with the mine is better than yours nonsense.

I get it one is more powerful than the other frankly I could care less because as a gamer I'm looking forward to the best both worlds have to offer. And at the end of the day the only thing that really matters are the games you'd do well to remember that.
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Skynetone  +   465d ago
xbone looks like its tapped out already, killer instinct 720p, ryse 900p, Dead Rising 3 has a dynamic resolution, the only game hitting 1080p is forza, its looking like it really was meant to a tv box
HappyTrigger  +   465d ago
I guess we're forgetting that the 360 launched with a bunch of sub-HD titles which looked like Xbox 1 titles rendered in higher resolution. Fast forward 8 years later and now we're getting beasts like GTA V.

Did you also forget that The Order 1886 isn't rendering at full 1080p? But really at 1920x800 with a 2.40:1 aspect ratio? Maxed out?

Come on people, these consoles haven't released yet. Give the developers some time to completely understand the architecture.
TRD4L1fe  +   465d ago
it only makes sense to wait for the consoles to release and wait 2-3 yrs before claiming what half these fanboys claim
Skips  +   465d ago
"Did you also forget that The Order 1886 isn't rendering at full 1080p?"

A game that has absolutely no gameplay shown yet, no release date, and is not even close to being finished, and not to mention it's coming from PSP devs. -_- How is that in any way comparable to a launch title made by Crytek? Or hell, even Respawn? http://www.thegamersdrop.co...

Let me guess, you got that from a few screenshots? lol

Just sayin...
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HappyTrigger  +   465d ago

I may have gotten a little ahead of myself on that one with the The Order 1866 but the cinematics are definitely being rendered at 1920x800 (with black bars to compensate for them). Not sure about the actual gameplay though.

But my point still stands when I say that we should wait for the developers to get a grip of the new architecture. Launch titles are always going to have some sacrifices because most of the time they rush them to the market in time for the launch of the console.
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OpieWinston  +   465d ago
Killer Instinct 3 started development in February...Double Helix showed 3 playable characters at E3. And have done an amazing job working on the game.

Ryse: Son of Rome is running on Cryengine 4th generation edition, which means it's the first game using this engine and Crytek still haven't finished the game.

It looks like it's meant to be a tv box? I seriously hate fanboys like you. Just basing everything on your blind outlook.

Call me a "Xbox One fanboy" if you want, I've been a longtime fan of Nintendo/Playstation (until PS3 launched) and don't have any regrets.

One day I'll pick up a PS4, and it won't be for the specs of console.

How stupid does that sound? Someone buying a console for specs... Just buy a nice gaming desktop FFS.
Vames  +   465d ago
Fanboys like you don't think, that's why the comment system is such a mess. Dead Rising 3 is an open world game, which means it won't run at 1080p. There's so much more going in Ryse compared to Deep Down, I mean, look at the fucking gameplay? Ryse has more enemies on screen along with friendlies tearing at each other, Deep Down is basically Dark Souls for next gen.
beerzombie  +   465d ago
So true next gen is not all about how a game looks. even though it helps for emersion its Ai and the other tech under the hood the will determine great games.
Pancit_Canton  +   465d ago
Yeah right lol. According to dead island developer whose graphics looks like ______ and buggy ass game. Naughty dog, Quantum dreams and Santa Monica proves that the PS3 can squeeze more power after 6 years. It will be the same for the PS4.
Naga  +   465d ago
I think it's awfully ironic that so many fanboys are coming out of the woodwork to claim technical superiority rather than experience superiority.

News flash:

The offering of experience is the bottom line. Games can be masterpieces and blockbuster hits without being technical marvels. So can we just drop all of this nonsensical banter and let the rival experiences speak for the merits of each system? PLEASE?

** Before you rage, please note that I am taking no stake in one over the other - merely attempting to redirect the argument down a more meaningful avenue of discussion.
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hollabox  +   465d ago
Makes sense, I do wish MS and Sony would had stayed with the RISC format, AMD Jaguar cores just seem weak to me without the GPU aid.
xKugo  +   465d ago
Big talk from a studio that can't even tap into more than 3% of my CPU processing power on my PC and releases broken games on consoles with mass glitches and bugs. I'll believe it when I see it, which probably isn't going to be anytime soon.
Angerfist  +   465d ago
Look at Frontlines Fuel of War on 360, then look at GTA 5.
Im sure there will be no such Gap next Gen, the jump from SD to Hd was huge, but now its about the details, you can already create living environments this Gen.
JunioRS101  +   465d ago
I understand that developers will grasp the hardware capabilities sooner than last generation, but this doesn't mean that developers will grasp the graphical potential sooner.

The evolution of developers' techniques and tricks and optimizations is every bit as important as the hardware specs.

That's why The Last of Us looked better than previous PS3 exclusives, why Halo 4 looked better than previous exclusives, and why Grand Theft Auto V is able to look incredible even on outdated Xbox 360 hardware.

Games will never stop looking better. The improvements may only be incremental, but they are nonetheless relevant.
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voodoogts  +   465d ago
Games first. XB1 first.
Flames76  +   464d ago
I can only imagine what the Xbox One games will look like when that happens.After seeing the X1 launch titles destroying the PS4 games that has been shown so far
kupomogli  +   464d ago
Even if the PS4 and Xbox One reach max performance faster, Techland won't ever reach it. Unless maximum performance means lots of screen tearing, low framerate, with decent graphics.
Ps4Console  +   464d ago
I'am so glad this site is getting a much fairer website I think it's wrong that they negg you so much even if your telling the truth , there are good people on here who want to get fanboyism out of this site because it does put even Playstation gamers off does fanboyism even when there sony fanboys , we want fairness all round .
feraldrgn  +   464d ago
Bethesda & Techland said this eh?
We all know how they "maxed out" this gen, right?

I think they need to wait until they're hands on & familiar with the tech, then we'll get devs finding tricks to output more quality.

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