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PS Vita Exclusive JRPG Phantasy Star Nova Gets New Screenshots and Artwork

To celebrate Tokyo Game Show Sega just released a few new screenshots and artwork of the upcoming PS Vita exclusive JRPG Phantasy Star Nova, that will be set in the same world as Phantasy Star Online 2 and will be released in Japan next year. (Phantasy Star Nova, PS Vita)

Drithe  +   613d ago
Sega sucks. They did not even bring Phantasy Star Online 2 over here.
Rikuson1  +   613d ago
After seeing this game though I want this more PSO2. Phantasy Star Nova is deliberately created for the PsVita unlike PSO2 which is better played on PC.
AznGaara  +   613d ago
Well since they acquired Atlus, they might actually bring it over. Cause Atlus' publishing arm is way better than Sega's
dcj0524  +   613d ago
Just freaking localize your games SEGA.

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