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The GTA V PC version evidence continues to mount

It’s been a busy GTA V week, what with its console release and all the analysing of files with PC gamers searching for further evidence of a PC version. More files are uncovered and even claims of beta screenshots. (Grand Theft Auto V, PC)

Hard to tell
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alexkoepp  +   616d ago
Of course PC version is coming, hopefully next-gen versions as well, cause once I hook up my next-gen system my current gen one is going in the closet, and it would be a shame to miss out on the inevitable DLC content.
vishmarx  +   616d ago
offcourse but this is NOT the pc version.
those graphics are no different from the console version .stop being delusional.
screen with the red car . way too may jaggies for a pc game of this calibre.
kB0  +   616d ago
But not for a port...Have you seen Dark Souls PC? It took the mod community to make it acceptable.

I'm not saying this is the PC version, all I'm saying that if the graphics are jaggy or low it usually means they just ported it.
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starchild  +   616d ago
Both of you guys are funny. Jaggies are there if you don't use anti-aliasing and nearly not there if you use anti-aliasing. It's always a choice on the PC.
aiBreeze  +   616d ago
It will come.. just look at the success of GTA 4 on the PC and the crazy amount of user created content for it. How can any self respecting developer not look at that with pride and admiration and want to see what the community can do with GTA 5?
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MetalProxy  +   616d ago
Sorry silly question I know but did rockstar make anything off of that user created stuff? Not sure why they should care about that aspect.
aiBreeze  +   616d ago
Developers, not the money men. If you spent 3+ years helping to create a game that fans received with such passion that they have spent just as long creating additional content for it, wouldn't you be proud of the work you done and look on at the community with admiration? Money isn't everything.
MetalProxy  +   616d ago
That makes sense Mr aiBreeze! The devs probably do care and think its cool. Just wasnt sure. Iam really surprised they didnt come out with a PC version right away.
vishmarx  +   616d ago
im sure r* is proud of what theyve done already.
the game cost hundreds of millions to make and t2 hopes for an annual profit of 2 billion.

nothing that modders do helps them in any way at all .not to mention half of those just pirate the game.r* respects its fans but its no way gonna force them to go the extra mile when theyre not really needed to.
they SHOULD release a pc version but do they need to worry about the satisfaction of a tiny userbase of modders or pc gamers OR should they be worried about cashing thier years of hard work. ?
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aiBreeze  +   616d ago
^^^ What on Earth are you spouting? I honestly can't even be bothered to point out why you're completely wrong, mainly because my words would be lost on you. Keep thinking that way though, it's clearly obvious you have no idea about PC Gaming or the modding community.
wtopez  +   616d ago
It's easy to see the PC version running right now. Just look at the trailers. The console version looks nothing like that.
Hufandpuf  +   616d ago
The console version look very close to the trailers. I once believed the trailers were PC footage, but after playing the console version, I'm not so sure. And if the trailers were PC footage there's not going to be much of a difference visually.
Mariusmssj  +   616d ago
I can't find the right picture but this is close to what wtopez meant.
vishmarx  +   616d ago
not true . go play the game first
-EvoAnubis-  +   616d ago
I'm cracking up laughing at all of these 'rumors' about a PC version of GTAV - every single console version of Grand Theft Auto ever has appeared on PC the next year. ALL OF THEM from GTA3 on. How is this a surprise? Everyone tearing apart every single detail they can to try to prove it or figure it out - you lot are hilarious.
MontyQ  +   616d ago
why do ppl assume pc gamers just pirate games when the first versions dumped to torrent sites are xbox 360. millions of ppl downloaded the 360 version a full week before it got to retail.
starchild  +   616d ago
I know. It's some kind of weird delusion some console gamers have. They just don't know what they are talking about.
Dante81  +   616d ago
I'm not playing this game until modders make some awesome real car/bike skins--made GTA IV so much more fun to me driving lambos, ferraris, Yamahas, etc.
ScamperCamper  +   616d ago
I think there's more than enough evidence! Start saving your pennies for a new rig. I think these may indicate what type of GTA system requirements will be. Current specs: http://www.grandtheftautofo...
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kB0  +   616d ago
I'm sorry but fanboyism became the 21st centuries biggest plague....

People take Console vs PC or anything for that matter like it's life or death.

"Yeah it's not coming to PC because consoles are Rockstars fav...or consoles are the best..."

pfft, thats like saying hey I want to cell my products in US because there are more billionaires but I don't care about the rest of the world because they are only millionaires and regular folk....

People dissect these companies as though they have a heart or a side. They want money.

If the PC version is done well it will make money, Especially if partnered up with steam (also servers). This game will FLY off the shelves...The only prob being bandwidth.

Ppl get your head out of your ass, games are meant to be played not nailed to a system.

Each gamer should play the game on their prefered system, even a mac if your that desperate (jks;)).

GTA 5 for PC is coming all GTAs have made it over in the past;).
Str8Chaos74  +   616d ago
Hell yeah, bring on the true next gen version.
cunnilumpkin  +   616d ago
I don't even want to rent this game after seeing how bad and low res and covered in jaggies it looks

just gonna wait for a pc version, probably 3 months from now on steam, and if I wait 5-6 months I can get it for $20 on sale

I have no patience for last gen console games anymore, last one that was passable graphically was uncharted 2, after that, everything just looked awful to me, yes pc gaming spoils you, and it will happen to all of you console only gamers once you get a ps4/xbox1

you won't want to play sub-hd, jaggie covered games anymore either, its just that right now you have no choice so you act like gta v doesn't look like crap, but you have to know it does

every ps3/360 game looks like crap, 2005 tech
kB0  +   616d ago
I wouldn't say crap....there are some absolutely visually outstanding games on both ps3 and 360 (including the gears series, halo for xbox and Uncharted, killzone and the exclusive driving for both).

For 8 year old tech (7 for ps3) the systems were an amazing investment.

This is just plain and simply hate:)

Is it comparable to PC? ofc not...but its a cheaper and good alternative for most!:)

The PC has a very short life span due to unoptimized games, making PC gamers purchase new hardware even though their hardware should be sufficient. Hopefully with the new PC like Consoles this is a thing of he passed, and we can see video cards equivalent to the ps4 and Xbone be kept around for just as much time:)
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eplusr  +   616d ago
My thoughts on PC as a whole in regards to AAA franchises is it doesn't make the big bucks for developers that consoles do. I'd much rather as a console gamer they focus on investing all of their resources into making console games the best they can be where the money is to be made.

Will that then knock out a potential pool of would be customers absolutely but in my opinion the ends justify the means. For all the PC's in the world which make the console install base look pathetic the only money they actually make for AAA devs is through micro-transactions and subscriptions PC's don't move units.

Now if we are talking indies PC is King no question about that there. If money is to be made even if it's only an extra few million I'm sure developers will go the extra mile for the PC then again if they console port GTA V may god help us all.
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kB0  +   616d ago
PC community Saved the Alan Wake Franchise. PC also gave opportunities to hundreds of indie developers and is Multi Billion $ industry both off steam (5 millions + users dumping cash both on sales and without for games they most of the time never play and Origin)

I understand your a console gamer but don't underestimate the PC, it was called dead in water 10 years ago, yet is still surviving and if anything expanding.
eplusr  +   616d ago
I'm with you KB and edited my initial comment to reflect what I was truly thinking. I appreciate your opinion in response to my own and thank you for it not being some immature nonsense.
kB0  +   616d ago
You sir are a gentleman and a scholar

+rep + karma for your comments:)
cunnilumpkin  +   616d ago

"My thoughts on PC as a whole in regards to AAA franchises is it doesn't make the big bucks for developers that consoles do. I'd much rather as a console gamer they focus on investing all of their resources into making console games the best they can be where the money is to be made."

hmmm, that is weird because EA, one of the largest video game publishers in the world makes more money on pc that ps3 or 360


hightlights-"at $298 million, EA's PC revenue was higher than its Xbox 360 revenue ($256 million) or its PlayStation 3 revenue ($238 million)."

and, pc gaming in general, makes FAR more money than ps3 and 360 COMBINED


highlights-"That's right: almost half of all video game-related money goes solely toward PC video games, with the remainder getting apportioned between all major consoles (PS3, Xbox360, Wii, and so on). "

see, my statements have proof, you just spew out things you wish were true

next gen consoles will have even LESS market share, you can count on that!
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eplusr  +   616d ago
I don't know where to begin here considering AAA TITLES was the point of my comment and how PC's don't move units in regards to them. But thank you for pointing out one company EA.

And since you brought up EA how many copies of Battlefield 3 did PC's actually sell compared to say the PS3 and Xbox 360? In fact which of the big 3 purchased more servers? After you google for the answers and see the numbers you'll get the jist of what I was eluding to all along.

These are opinions after all correct? You seem to want to fight over the internet with a complete stranger and I'm far to mature for such petty things.
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aLiEnViSiToR  +   616d ago
"Two possibilities exist: Either GTA V is coming on PC or it's not. Both are equally terrifying."

- Unknown R* gamer :P
Bonerboy  +   616d ago
Guhh...so many games, so little time! FFS, I need another 'Me'.

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