The GTA V PC version evidence continues to mount

It’s been a busy GTA V week, what with its console release and all the analysing of files with PC gamers searching for further evidence of a PC version. More files are uncovered and even claims of beta screenshots.

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alexkoepp1707d ago

Of course PC version is coming, hopefully next-gen versions as well, cause once I hook up my next-gen system my current gen one is going in the closet, and it would be a shame to miss out on the inevitable DLC content.

vishmarx1707d ago

offcourse but this is NOT the pc version.
those graphics are no different from the console version .stop being delusional.
screen with the red car . way too may jaggies for a pc game of this calibre.

kB01707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

But not for a port...Have you seen Dark Souls PC? It took the mod community to make it acceptable.

I'm not saying this is the PC version, all I'm saying that if the graphics are jaggy or low it usually means they just ported it.

starchild1706d ago

Both of you guys are funny. Jaggies are there if you don't use anti-aliasing and nearly not there if you use anti-aliasing. It's always a choice on the PC.

pompombrum1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

It will come.. just look at the success of GTA 4 on the PC and the crazy amount of user created content for it. How can any self respecting developer not look at that with pride and admiration and want to see what the community can do with GTA 5?

MetalProxy1707d ago

Sorry silly question I know but did rockstar make anything off of that user created stuff? Not sure why they should care about that aspect.

pompombrum1707d ago

Developers, not the money men. If you spent 3+ years helping to create a game that fans received with such passion that they have spent just as long creating additional content for it, wouldn't you be proud of the work you done and look on at the community with admiration? Money isn't everything.

MetalProxy1707d ago

That makes sense Mr aiBreeze! The devs probably do care and think its cool. Just wasnt sure. Iam really surprised they didnt come out with a PC version right away.

vishmarx1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

im sure r* is proud of what theyve done already.
the game cost hundreds of millions to make and t2 hopes for an annual profit of 2 billion.

nothing that modders do helps them in any way at all .not to mention half of those just pirate the game.r* respects its fans but its no way gonna force them to go the extra mile when theyre not really needed to.
they SHOULD release a pc version but do they need to worry about the satisfaction of a tiny userbase of modders or pc gamers OR should they be worried about cashing thier years of hard work. ?

pompombrum1707d ago

^^^ What on Earth are you spouting? I honestly can't even be bothered to point out why you're completely wrong, mainly because my words would be lost on you. Keep thinking that way though, it's clearly obvious you have no idea about PC Gaming or the modding community.

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wtopez1707d ago

It's easy to see the PC version running right now. Just look at the trailers. The console version looks nothing like that.

Hufandpuf1707d ago

The console version look very close to the trailers. I once believed the trailers were PC footage, but after playing the console version, I'm not so sure. And if the trailers were PC footage there's not going to be much of a difference visually.

Mariusmssj1707d ago

I can't find the right picture but this is close to what wtopez meant.

vishmarx1707d ago

not true . go play the game first

-EvoAnubis-1707d ago

I'm cracking up laughing at all of these 'rumors' about a PC version of GTAV - every single console version of Grand Theft Auto ever has appeared on PC the next year. ALL OF THEM from GTA3 on. How is this a surprise? Everyone tearing apart every single detail they can to try to prove it or figure it out - you lot are hilarious.

MontyQ1707d ago

why do ppl assume pc gamers just pirate games when the first versions dumped to torrent sites are xbox 360. millions of ppl downloaded the 360 version a full week before it got to retail.

starchild1706d ago

I know. It's some kind of weird delusion some console gamers have. They just don't know what they are talking about.

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