Why Whoopi Goldberg Prefers Diablo To GTA

Kotaku - There’s been a lot of awful media backlash today to video games but, weirdly, one place it didn't happen was on The View.

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OhhWerd1736d ago

and no f**cks were given

gaelic_laoch1736d ago

I always preferred Jumping Jack Flash to Sister Act!

Retroman1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Whoopi and video games?????....... go back make SISTER ACT 4 or 5

ded10201736d ago

whatever man this was awesome! I totally didn't expect them to be as even keeled as they were. I don't watch this show normally, but this has some good insight from outsiders and/or mother's perspective. Plus Whoopi plays Diablo. That's pretty damn cool. Good answer too. If GTA is too hot to handle, why not go with a game where you KNOW the enemies are the really bad guys?

hemmo19861736d ago

This whole children debate thats happening is a load of crap.

Its pretty simple don't let your children play a R18 game thats made for adults; and secondly consoles have a parental lock out feature.

People are friggin retarded.

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