Killzone: Shadow Fall Concept Artist Now Working on Bungie's Destiny

"When Killzone first debuted, it was dubbed the “Halo killer”. Despite the improvements of sequels Killzone 2 and Killzone 3, it never really managed to rise to that level. However, when you consider that Halo isn’t the same any more ever since Bungie left the franchise to work on Destiny while Guerrilla Games is moving on to bigger things with Killzone: Shadow Fall, the competition between the developers seems never-ending."

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ape0071706d ago

DAMNIT! Killzone had some some of the BEST artwork, and so does Bungie, Bungie don't need them and vice versa.

Harkins17211706d ago

Maybe destiny liked his artwork and asked for his help on a few key areas.

Regis1706d ago

Destiny is not a person it is God along with Infamous, Killzone, and Deep Down.

Harkins17211706d ago

@Regis I know its not a person. Im saying maybe the COMPANY asked. And I agree it looks beautiful.

Majin-vegeta1706d ago

Is he just helping or he actually moved over to Bungie??

black0o1706d ago

he's only helping according to this, and I think he is a Free lancer

sandman2241706d ago

It is a halo killer. You need skill to play killzone games

WeAreLegion1706d ago

I wouldn't call it a Halo killer. I personally think Killzone is a much better series than Halo, but I don't think it negates it in any way. Killzone dragged me away from all the other FPS's, but still. I think skill is involved with Halo, too. I just hope 343 doesn't screw up 5's multi-player.

HALOisKING1705d ago

lol u never played halo did u it takes 4 shots to the head just to kill someone and it takes 2 frags to kill one guy

btw my friend has kz3 he gets 20 30 kills every game when he plays halo he cant even get 5 kills i also played it its easy

sandman2241705d ago

I own halo 4. It's the best 360 exclusive. I'm not saying it's no good. I just prefer killzone over it. Unless halo 5 wows me. Then I'll be eating my words.

Xsilver1706d ago

have u seen the designs in KZSF they look awesome especially the character designs and guns
check it out.

Belking1705d ago

A Halo killer? That's never gonna happen. Killzone is a great series but it's not on halo's level when it comes to popularity. Halo has a much bigger following when you throw in the books along with the massive series on xbox.

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