PS4 Can Stream Games To Mobile Via PS App

Speaking at the Tokyo Games Show, Sony confirms that the PS4 is able to stream mobile games to tablets and smartphones, thus negating the need to download them onto your phone or tablet.

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JimmyLmao1710d ago

Wait... so what does this mean?

you can play PS4 games on your mobile?

or you can play mobile games on your PS4?

or you can't play mobile games on your PS4, but you can store them on your PS4, then stream them to you mobile?

JimmyLmao1710d ago

but how does that even work?

they would have to be running on the PS4? then streaming the image?

unless it just streams the files needed, and not image... eh i just won't worry about this anymore

too confusing, and i doubt it is any useful for me personally

TomShoe1710d ago

How it works:

1) The PS4 sets up a remote connection between your mobile device and the PS4.

2) When you download a mobile game to your PS4 (say, Angry Birds) and decide to play it on your tablet, the PS4 does all the procession and encoding work.

3) The PS4 just streams the video to your mobile device. It's used for video and input only.

Somebody1710d ago

Nvidia Shield PC games streaming via wifi might give a hint.

miyamoto1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Gaikai games, some PS4 games, PS Mobile games on PS4, PS Vita my friend will be playable on PlayStation Certified devices.

Bundi1710d ago

how exactly does this benefit anything?

u-bEttA-rUn1710d ago

I'm excited and confused at the same time...

THamm1709d ago

It saves memory off of your phone. You'll be able to store mobile games on PS4

Bundi1709d ago

I can save phone memory by moving files on to my computer or flash drive. I'm not seeing the benefit of streaming games on to my phone and possibly using up my bandwidth.

Unless of course the app uses WiFi direct...

hadouken0071710d ago

Im guessing u can watch your , or someone else's game play on your Mobile as your playing?

patsrule3161709d ago

Does anyone know if the PS4 app be available as an app on the PS Vita?

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