Original Soul Calibur Coming to XBLA in HD

The first entry in the Soul Calibur series of fighting games is heading to Xbox Live Arcade, Namco representatives announced at a press briefing yesterday.

Soul Calibur will be presented in HD resolution, and feature all of the standard arcade, training, story and survival modes from the original title.

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green3898d ago

Great news.The 1st and the still the best

heyheyhey3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )


the customization, characters and the random strategy missions in 3 made it my favorite one

although 1 remains a classic


I belive Snoop Doggy Dogg requested it....or not

i really hope they release for the PSN, its ok for you anyway- you have a 360

but I heard FRD might be remaking TS2 into HD, and id be MUCH happier with that for the PSN (massive TS fan you see)

sonarus3898d ago

i only played 1. It was a great game but not one of my favourite fighters. Why no psn release:(

RecSpec3898d ago

If TS2 heads to PSN, I would buy that in a heartbeat, especially since they cut Jake Fenton from TSFP.

MADGameR3898d ago

Thats GREAT news for 360 owners!

okcomputer3898d ago

The first only seems like the best because of how great it was, and how it blew everything away at the time. The 3rd was the best in the series. That guard impact was improved, the characters were better balanced and the customization is still the best i've ever seen in a fighting game.

PumPum3898d ago

Its not the first, Soul Blade/Soul Edge came first.

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heyheyhey3898d ago

awesomeriffic, SC was great

but alas, there's no 360 in my living room

oh well, back to salivating over how good Ivy's ass looks in 4

brothersimon3898d ago

Duddeee!!! THIS IS AWESOME! :D

heyheyhey3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

act like the englishman your supposed to be, now repeat after me:

"BRUUUV, this is bare sick"


why thank you

erm no... i mean.... go RROD biatch

ScentlessApprentice73898d ago

I call Shananigans. YOU HEAR ME!!! SHANANIGANS!!!

heyheyhey3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

I call Pizza Hut!!!!! You hear me?!?!?!?!?!?! DELICIOUS CHEESY BITES PIZZA

but yes, I hope a PSN version will see the light of day

EDIT: mmmm... lovely melted cheese cased inside a crispy bread shell, and delicately placed around a lovingly handmade pizza with zingy tomato sauce and the finest cheese

not to mention the exceptional pepperoni that livens your mouth with otherworldy sensations

and then a nice chocolate coated cheesecake.... ok fvck it, now im hungry again

ScentlessApprentice73898d ago

You're starting to make me hungry!

ScentlessApprentice73898d ago

You just made me order a tuscan meats pizza from Papa Johns right now. Its the bomb digity bomb! especially with Tabasco sauce!

Ro11z3898d ago

i really hope this isn't exclusive to the 360

i swear this was a Ps1 game :s i hope the PSN gets the HD version to

not long till the new Game

TheIneffableBob3898d ago

Soul Blade was PS1.
Soul Calibur was Dreamcast.

heyheyhey3898d ago (Edited 3898d ago )

no, that was Soul Blade i think

this was on Dreamcast


ahh fvck it, got beaten to it by literally 2 seconds

good game Mr. Ineffable

nutmaniv3898d ago

Soul edge was on the PS1.

SoulCalibur was in the arcade and on the dreamcast.

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