Forza Motorsport 5 Gets a Trailer Made Using a Real Supercar, at 120 Mph

The folks at Turn 10 simply decided to make a Forza Motorsport 5 trailer about speed…using speed.

Microsoft just released the trailer itself and a series of featurettes showcasing how it was made and why.

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Carheadbutt1673d ago

This is neat. At what point do we start bluring the lines of reality?

Abriael1673d ago

Every time dan greenawalt talks to the press, pretty much :P

Animal Mutha 761673d ago

Lol yes he does have 'PR' patter but his teams games are fantastic.

JokesOnYou1673d ago

Dayumm thats some cool shiii, especially #2.

Dlacy13g1673d ago

That is a pretty amazing commercial. ... bravo!

4Sh0w1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Oh wow. Those are some really cool videos.

Bundi1673d ago

I love Forza, attention to detail is full on. When these guys finally decide to do weather and day/night cycles you can be sure it will be on all tracks cause half measuring features is not their style.

Examples include
- all cars being created equally beautiful.
- interior for any and all cars
- excellent sounding cars
- using Top Gear licence to include not just a track but also wacky TG events and commentary from none other than Mr Top Gear himself Jeremy Clarkson.
- modifications for all cars
- livery editor for all cars
- varied online modes that cover everybody's fancy.
- 60fps

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The story is too old to be commented.