Where is The Last Guardian?

IGN - "We were certain we'd see The Last Guardian at the final TGS before the PS4 launched, so where is it?"

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Hands Up For Games1218d ago

In vaporware heaven.

RIP Big Fluffy Chicken thing :'(

ATi_Elite1218d ago

Christmas 2015 it will arrive on the PS4!

CrossingEden1218d ago

Last year it was Christmas 2013, the year before that it was Christmas 2012...

kewlkat0071218d ago

Miles have a good youtube video on that game.

N4g_null1218d ago

This is why most trailers suck.... and why it makes sense to way till the games are out to buy. If you see no game play that is a bad sign. No hud... then they better have a game pad on the way. Shadow of the colossus sit right up there with god of war in my mind of where sony should be heading instead of more killzone or little big planet.

spoonard1218d ago

They are going out do Duke Nukem Forever! And when it finally does come out, we'll get to throw pieces of dog-chicken shit!

RytGear1218d ago

Honestly I am not too disappointed that it hasn't arrived yet. Of course I would LOVE to play it but everyone needs that little thing to look forward to, even if it doesn't turn up that feeling of hope still stays with you.

Deep-throat1218d ago

lol, same question every year.

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The story is too old to be commented.