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Submitted by s8anicslayer 800d ago | video

Where is The Last Guardian?

IGN - "We were certain we'd see The Last Guardian at the final TGS before the PS4 launched, so where is it?" (PS3, PS4, The Last Guardian)

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Hands Up For Games  +   800d ago
In vaporware heaven.

RIP Big Fluffy Chicken thing :'(
ATi_Elite  +   800d ago
Christmas 2015 it will arrive on the PS4!
CrossingEden  +   800d ago
Last year it was Christmas 2013, the year before that it was Christmas 2012...
kewlkat007  +   800d ago
Miles have a good youtube video on that game.
scissor_runner  +   800d ago
This is why most trailers suck.... and why it makes sense to way till the games are out to buy. If you see no game play that is a bad sign. No hud... then they better have a game pad on the way. Shadow of the colossus sit right up there with god of war in my mind of where sony should be heading instead of more killzone or little big planet.
Lovable  +   800d ago
PS5 confirmed!
spoonard  +   800d ago
They are going out do Duke Nukem Forever! And when it finally does come out, we'll get to throw pieces of dog-chicken shit!
RytGear  +   800d ago
Honestly I am not too disappointed that it hasn't arrived yet. Of course I would LOVE to play it but everyone needs that little thing to look forward to, even if it doesn't turn up that feeling of hope still stays with you.
Deep-throat  +   800d ago
lol, same question every year.
brew  +   800d ago
The funniest part is that Yoshida just laughs about it and says it's still in development.
Pancit_Canton  +   800d ago
Is the TGS over? If not, then shut up.
specialguest  +   800d ago
In development since 2007 and target release date was 2011. It's the 3rd quarter of 2013 now. No new trailers or screenshots shown since the first one. An entire console gen has come and gone. I don't think anyone needs to shut up.
Chard  +   800d ago
Sir, take my Agree
RogueStatus28  +   800d ago
Wait until E3 2014!
Indo  +   800d ago
Can careless now to be honest.
Heisenburger  +   799d ago
AD705  +   800d ago
sony really needs to start showing off their games because what they have right now aint much.

20 games for the first year and they've only shown 7 of them.
brew  +   800d ago
Maybe they've shown double that.

Killzone SF
Planetside 2
DC Universe
The Order 1886
Everybody's Gone to Rapture
Shadow of the Beast
MLB The Show 14 - (expected)

Maybe about 5 more to go.
grassyknoll  +   800d ago
Deep Down, N+++ & Volume too are all exclusive from 3rd parties.
Inception  +   799d ago
Lily Bergamo, Yakuza Ishin, Dynasty Warrior 8: Xtreme Legends, Guilty Gear Xrd, new Idolmaster, new Gundam, etc.
ssj27  +   800d ago
It's in every true gamer heart and wish list ..
mgszelda1  +   800d ago
Don't worry Gearbox is working on it
izumo_lee  +   800d ago
As much as i & everyone else who is a fan of Team Ico is waiting eagerly for this game do we have to see the same question asked multiple times every year. Fans of Team Ico know their pedigree & know what they are capable of, i think we can all wait for as long as it has to be cause we know that the finished project would be something we will remember forever just like Ico & Shadow did.

We all know that the game encountered difficulties during its development that is no secret & i believe that it has taken a toll on Fumito Ueda as well. We probably all know that the game has moved onto the PS4 as well.

When Sony & Team Ico are ready to relaunch the game if/when ever they want they will announce it at their own leisure. We don't need game media to constantly bombard them with the same question, asking it not only wastes the game medias time but the time of the developers.
_QQ_  +   800d ago
This is the only game that will make me get a PS4 before FF15 comes out in 2015.
GamePeace  +   800d ago
Deep Down is TLG now, games like SS Delta, Toukiden, MH Frontier G, Soul Calibur Lost Swords ecc. will Keep me busy for a Long time, so who cares? Shadow of the Colossus was a good game, but unfortunately only at the first Impact, after seeing all 16 colossi, the excitment was over... so why not core RPGs over TLG? Many of you are waiting years for that game and when do you go once for a walk with your real dog? Never is the answer. Your dog will become the very last Guardian after its death, your mother will not allow you anymore, dude. When my dog sees the colossi, it wants to shit on them, so they become even bigger... chase the night in me, the night in me...
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Natso  +   800d ago
Are you Nightman?

Edit: Nightman confirmed.
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GamePeace  +   800d ago
No, Nightmare. Nightmare from Soul Calibur, I will beat the shit out of your shit. I am a Little blonde man called Natso...
Natso  +   800d ago
I dunno brah.

I poop big ones.
Bathyj  +   800d ago
You must be fun at parties...
Bathyj  +   800d ago
So disappointed right now. All I wanted was for them to at least acknowledge it. Say its a PS4 game and its in development. MAYBE a new trailer.

I need to stop pinning for this game now, I said TGS was my cutoff point and then I'd just give it up so in my mind I have. My heart still hopes though.
LordNikon  +   800d ago
"Say its a PS4 game and its in development. MAYBE
a new trailer."

Well they did say it was still in development. But they also said that they were prioritizing Knack and Puppeteer over it, since those games will be (well puppeteer has just released about a week or so ago) releasing soon. There was an article about it a while back with the dev saying it.
e-p-ayeaH  +   800d ago
Last Guardian better be worth it if it ever comes out.
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CanadianTurtle  +   800d ago
Who cares already. Even if it does come out, I'm sure it'll play like an outdated early game from this gen. What was once seemed revolutionary for it's time may not be as impressive now that so many great games have come out.
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Plagasx  +   800d ago
Hanging out with Half-Life 3.
TheFutureIsBlue  +   800d ago
It's actually worse than half-life 3 since they actually had a trailer and screenshots for tlg. They haven't even shown off hl3 at all. That makes the wait worse fot tlg lol.
TheFutureIsBlue   800d ago | Bad language | show
BG11579  +   799d ago
Do people know that Dragon's Crown, that game that came out some month ago, was actually a game been developed for the Sega Saturn? The game was never finished and never came out until the PS3 version.

Well, it maybe thin, but I still have hope for The Last Guardian. I still have hope that one day will also see the third part of Shenmue.
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