Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: Full Burst – Sage Kabuto vs Sasuke Gameplay

Sage Kabuto vs Sasuke Gameplay. Sage Kabuto has snake like attacks similar to Orochimaru.

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HardcoreGamer1673d ago


Irishguy951673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

It's a press release though, blame CC2 for spoiling it not anyone else. Naruto is a manga first and foremost, the last game went ahead of the anime by quite a bit. Also this battle is just a free battle, not a story fight. Anyhow CC2 have released info on all this **** months ago. It's unfortunate for you but it's to be expected with something as big as Naruto.

HardcoreGamer1673d ago

i agree with you mate, but damn man i love naruto so much i actually wait for the episodes to pile up so i watch in 25 ep marathons.

im actually about 30 episdoes away from the present ones.

dammit. i really couldnt avoid this then. i was just scrolling and then



Irishguy951673d ago

Well, to ease your mind at least, it's not actually too bad of a Spoiler. It was somewhat of a surprise but, it was just like...

"oh ok, I can see how Kabuto would end up with this power in fact I was surprised Orochimaru didn't have it."

]}As you can see in the vid, it's just a free battle anyway, with Akatsuki Sasuke(from Bee fight) against Sage Kabuto. It's not actually a story spoiler besides Kabuto having a new power

Hmm, well if you dislike filler like me you can skip alot of eps. There was loads of filler until recently...Where did you stop?

Burr_Rabbit1673d ago

Thanks alot. I haven't played the naruto games since the first one. I actually enjoyed that and I am actually looking into getting the game now. I hope it gets released in the US soon.

HALOisKING1673d ago

i want it :O i love naruto