IGN: The World Ends With You review - One of the best games on DS

Few games make it into the "amazing" category in IGN's opinion, but with a game that sets as many standards, breaks down as many walls, stomps as many preconceptions, and offers as much depth and versatility as The World Ends With You, IGN simply can't consider it anything but exactly that. Square Enix and Jupiter took a chance on this one, as it would have been just as easy to release another Final Fantasy, Mana, or Dragon Quest game in its place, but instead the company went for a long shot in creating something truly unique and imaginative, and the result is not only one of the best DS games out there, but also one of the top RPGs IGN has played in years.

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BilI Gates3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

And Square-Enix does it again.

Skerj3893d ago

I actually want to get a DS again finally.

Shioka3893d ago

I like this game...Do you own a Nintendo DS?Get it!

PS360WII3892d ago

This game is going to be money ^^

Douchebaggery3892d ago

This game and the upcoming FF4 might finally push me toward getting one of those dual screen thingy.