Meet Steven Ogg, the Man Behind the Maniacal Trevor in GTA V.

While his digital counterpart may receive all the fame and glory, Steven can rest assured that one of this year's most maniacal and memorable character is based off of him.

Steven Ogg is a Canadian Actor and voice-over talent who has played quite a few minor roles on television here and there. He's played supporting roles in shows like Law & Order and more. Also, this isn't Steven's first video game either, he's voiced the character Vinnie in the Alone in the Dark. However, none will ever measure up to the fame Grand Theft Auto V will soon bring him.

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RamsesNum11704d ago

He really is a little bit of a maniac himself.

RamsesNum11704d ago

Yeah, I'm glad they went for a maniacal redneck. Michael is essentially, Tommy Vercetti. Franklin is definitely CJ but Trevor is a first.

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