GameStop manager threatens to release angry customer's details over GTA V issue, gets fired

GameStop customer service leaves a little to be desired, a customer was threatened recently over an argument about GTA 5.

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friedricr1828d ago

Good. saw this on neogaf. Managers like this should be more professional. Joking about sensitive info like this is not funny.

Thegamer411828d ago

To be fair, that guy was a dick though, look how he takes the receipt from her, but as a Manager she should not joke about giving out personal information.

friedricr1828d ago

Yeah, But being at hte position that she had. Still shouldn't be joking about that and from what it looks like. she kept going at it and instigating the customer. and to rally the other patrons. Poor customer service.

Septic1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Yeah fair enough the customer was a bit peeved and acted a bit aggressively, but to be honest, if someone was acting like a sarcastic [insert expletive here] with me in front of so many customers I doubt I would have been as composed (mild way of saying I'd tell her to do one).

This isn't good customer service and reading the article, it appears that this woman was a bit of a head-case anyway (if the article is true). Judging by her attitude in the video, I can see her being a right pain to work with.

Ah the end of the day, justice was done.

Thehyph1828d ago

Sure, the guy might have been a dick.
She was a dick, too.

The difference is that she was the one on the clock in this scenario.

Many people out there get paid to handle this kind of crap. Most of them handle it better than she did. Personal info? What an idiot.

Certainly, I don't feel bad for her.

DragonKnight1828d ago

She joked about his business card, something he hands out to people anyway, and got fired for that? She didn't joke about giving out his home address or phone number so what "personal details" was she joking about?

Don't get me wrong, if the comment in the article is accurate then she deserved to be fired a long time ago, but you can clearly hear her say "we have his business card" in the video so I think he, and by extension this article, are blowing stuff out of proportion.

That's not to say that he couldn't be harassed at work, and it would suck if he worked from home, but I don't see how something you hand out to people publicly can be considered personal information.

It also seems that more than just the guy filming the video were upset about this guy. I'd wager that he didn't want to provide the I.D. the store was asking for and put up a stink (it happens more than you think) and so became irate and caused a scene.

Believe it or not, there are people who actively go out looking for a fight at stores so they can get something for free, and when they don't, that's when the "I'm getting you fired" attitude comes out.

But again, if the comment in the video was true, then the fact that she's had her job this long is an incredible indictment of Gamestop's policies.

user55757081828d ago

honestly the gamestop manager job should require more than being 18 and up and having a high school education. the level of immaturity and sarcasm was too much.

SilentNegotiator1828d ago

Same as waiters calling on the internet to harass people that don't leave a tip (or even just threaten to), she should be fired.

Hitman07691828d ago

I agree w/ knockknockannefrank but unfortunately Gamestop would rather have people they can mold to their beliefs and practices rather than actually hiring experienced gaming professionals that know how to do customer service.

HonestDragon1828d ago

I think both are at fault in this case. The customer for not having proper identification on him because many retailers (including GameStop) always require it due to the rules with trades and M rated games. A student ID is not acceptable nor will a business card help.

The manager is also at fault for going along with the joke that another customer made (you can hear him in the video say they have his business card) and keep pushing. It was just best to leave it be. One rude customer shouldn't ruin the environment. But she kept pushing and that's what happened.

ziggurcat1828d ago

@ dragonknight:

"It also seems that more than just the guy filming the video were upset about this guy. I'd wager that he didn't want to provide the I.D. the store was asking for and put up a stink (it happens more than you think) and so became irate and caused a scene."

... and to add: that the purpose of providing ID is to ensure that you're not some schmo off the street.

*walks into gamestop and approaches counter*

"hi, uh... my name is, uh... joey... joe joe junior.... shabadoo? i paid for GTA V in full, and i came to pick it up... *shifts eyes back and forth*"

i mean, was it this fool's first time pre-ordering something? surely he knew that they asked for ID.

or was it a case of the manager thinking he was under age, and was asked to provide ID to prove he was old enough to buy the game?

pixelsword1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Well, at least Ouya got some descent exposure for a change.


I don't know if Gamestop tells people or not when reserving their game that they have to provide an ID or not, but they should tell people before they reserve the game to eliminate such confrontations.

Darrius Cole1828d ago

The dude said it himself, she joked about giving out his public information.

If the guy didn't want to show an ID then she should not have sold have let him redeem his pre-order.

Her mistake was that she was too patient with him. She should have kicked him out of the store and let that be the end of it.

pixelsword1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

If what the article says is true, that's horrible, and she's a horrible person.

That actually happened to me where some girl knew her friend was stealing from a store where all three of us worked at when I just got out of High School and she thought her friend had stolen from her till, so she accused me of stealing from her till. I just happened to have money from my bank to pay for my car insurance, so it would have been hard to say otherwise (other than the receipt, but who's to say that I didn't spend money earlier?) At any rate, they counted down the till and it was five cents over, then she tried to say that I tried to steal from my own till and I then told them to count that one too (the girl then took back her statement).

If her friend had actually stolen from that till, I could have went to jail, and had a record that would have stuck with me for the rest of my life because of her lie. I'm not suicidal in the least, but if you're young and have something like that hanging over your head, you could possibly make rash decisions like that.

The only reason I know that her friend stole from the till is because she told people (management included) that info the day she quit. Coward; that wouldn't have helped me if I got into trouble for that, as getting a record expunged is difficult even if your identity is stolen, never mind actually getting convicted for something, even if it's false.

Then she had the nerve to give me her phone number and wanted to call me! Forget that, she was lucky I didn't spit in her face. I took the number to not make a scene, but I never called her, and she's lucky I'm not a jerk or else and put it on the bathroom wall or something bad like that. I just threw it away after she left.

Omegasyde1828d ago

In this case, I sympathize with the manager but she is in a elevated role of responsibility as far as customer care goes.

This guy was obviously a douche-bag, now imagine that same lady dealt with already 100 of these guys in the same day. Now imagine, this douchebag is 14 years old and is a spoiled brat?

President1828d ago

That dude with the camera deserves a smack in the face for meddling with other peoples business.

Boody-Bandit1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

It's people like the guy in this video as to why I left retail AGES ago. I just don't have the temperament to deal with people and their nonsense. This lady made one mistake only but it's the mistake that cost her. She should've concluded her transaction with this guy and blew off steam later when it was just her and maybe a couple employees or friends when no one else was around.

Murad1828d ago

I entirely disagree. The chick had started it first, and it was quite obvious, and this is the same for a lot of the GameStop employees. For some odd reason they think we're benefit from buying a game from them, rather than them being able to sell one to us.

UltimateMaster1828d ago

Been on both ends of the spectrum.
The guy is being a douche.
The girl lost her patience.

Both of them need to learn some matters.
Getting fired over this, doesn't send the right example to other stores.
Just about anyone can act like a spoiled brat and get people fire.

The key is just to keep your cool.

UltimateMaster1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Some people have to go off on power trips because they have a small d*ck.


Yeah, I know scientific terminology.

minimur121828d ago

Since when was an E-mail considered personal information
Direct quote:
"I have his business card do you want to email him and thank him for holding up the line for us"

Hey, my email is probably written in information on 80% of accounts I have online, probably on n4g aswell, haven't checked.

My email:
[email protected]
[email protected]


PoSTedUP1828d ago

what!? that lady was being such a sarcastic c#%!. i woulda been a d*** After that fact too. and he even stated that he could be harassed if she gave out peronal info. im sorry but comming from team "normal people", she is wrong.

SonyWarrior1828d ago

so whats this guys email and name? I hate people like him.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1828d ago

The guy was a fucking idiot, trying to give his personal business card as an id and requesting her to write her full name. Dumbass. She fucked up in her decision to joke about it. But I did like how other customers shunned the dickhead out of the store

AndrewLB1828d ago

I agree. Everyone there was acting like an idiot, especially Mr. Nerd Rage. It would have been nice if the time leading up to where the video starts had been recorded as to give proper context. He seemed like he was being a total prick, and the manager made a very poor choice in words in a sad attempt to lighten the mood. And of course Mr. Rage, who I guarantee was going to complain to corporate even without her comment, got the confrontation he wanted even before walking into the store.

SilentNegotiator1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )


"Since when was an E-mail considered personal information"? How about when spam and hate email was invented...which I'm pretty sure was the day after email was invented.

And no, your email is not available to the public on N4G. Unless you post it.

It's nice that you put your email addresses to try to prove a point, but you don't have an attractive blonde lady and a bunch of white knights surrounding you with the blonde lady telling them to email you.
...and I'm guessing neither of those are your work email addresses, as would be posted on a business card.

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shivvy241828d ago

Honestly I found this disrespectful to the customer, yes he forgot his photo id but we all forget shit like this once in a while

lilbrat231828d ago

@ DragonKnight

Not sure what you listen to but she did say she had his email and number to harass him, then when he confronted her she did NOT denied saying it, just that no one had harassed him. If she was annoyed by being at work or doing a midnight launch she should have stayed home or not work there.

DragonKnight1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

I don't know what you're listening to, but at 33 seconds she says "we all have his business card so if you want to email him you can." Meaning the email address is on his publicly given business card. It's not personal information if you're willing handing it out in public.

A few seconds later he admits that it's public information.

ziggurcat1828d ago

i don't believe he forgot his ID (after the cut in the video, it appears as though he eventually did show her his ID). i think he was just being a ****.

Wagz221828d ago

I'm sorry but even though she did step out of line I know how she feels. I worked the midnight too and actually a few midnights like call of duty last year. We have no choice but to ask for ID because with my luck the one person I don't ask would be 16 and with a parent that would have a shit fit if they found out that their kid got a mature game. But I've had customers get in my face about it but I'm sorry I'm not loosing my job over it. And one thing I always bring up is, so you drive here to pick up your game but you didn't bring your licence? Wha? Is your license that difficult to have in your wallet or at least in your car? I've gotten to know a lot of the customers that come in so I don't have to ask them cause I've already seen their licence but that's why we have to ask.

nerdeu1828d ago

That guy should buy a WINNING-shirt (Charlie Sheen) because he really won bigtime. Now he plays his GTAV while this hag is going crazy looking for a new job where she can be unprofessional. Justice served <3

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THamm1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

These places should be for gamers, run by gamers.

BLAKHOODe1828d ago

My GameStop is, which is why I like the place, despite all the bad press GameStop gets. In all the years I've been going there, they have never had anyone like that woman working for them.

SilentNegotiator1828d ago


Same with my local Gamestops (there's about 3 GameBucks within a 5 mile radius of me, lol). There used to be a nasty cashier at the one, but he was predictably fired and ever since, I've met nothing but nice people at all of them.

ded10201828d ago

what the hell does that have to do with anything? so she isn't a gamer now? Because I think she just got a whole lot of free time for gaming.

I wonder if she'll buy digital or physical.

1828d ago
rainslacker1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )


Same here. I've had one bad experience with one associate which made me stop going to GameStop for years. Since going back to a new one that opened up right near my house, everyone is pretty cool. They know me by name, never pester me about disc warranties or pre-orders, and because they treat me like a gamer and valued customer I give them my business, and even pre-order when I know I don't really have to.

Good customer service goes a long way, and while I don't like GS trade in prices, hence don't use them, I do think they get way too much hate. They could be better, but they aren't all bad.

I would even say the majority of the people working there are gamers, and can discuss games without resorting to fanboyism. Like most corporate settings though, they are bound to follow specific policies on how they handle and sell their product. I've been in that position for a better part of my life, so I don't hold it against them, whereas some people take these kinds of things as a personal insult.

In relation to the video though, that was poor customer service, and never should you threaten a customer, no matter how much of a douche they're being. She should have explained the policy, given a firm no if pressed, and then asked the customer to leave. Deal with the backlash that will inevitably come, and still be employed. It sucks, but it's like that in any customer service related job.

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DeadlyFire1828d ago

I disagree 100%.

Business card information is not sensitive information.


It's true that the business card info isn't the personal information, but they do keep your personal info on file including an email address, especially if you're a member of their rewards program, it comes up on their card reader for the customer to verify on transactions, so they do have it, just sayin'.

irepbtown1828d ago

Business card isn't sensitive info, but you don't want 30 odd people emailing you abusive stuff which I'm pretty sure is what would have happened (judging by the people laughing at the chap).

You don't 'joke' about things like that, especially if you work at the store (let alone being a manager).

lilbrat231828d ago

They were both at wrong but she was unprofessional and more than likely does not have a job anymore.

ziggurcat1828d ago

she was fired, so she does not.

crimsonfox1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Oh my god, This is the gamestop I picked up my GTA from. That manager was a total bitch to me too. Even if this guy was being an ass she always talks back to her customers and is always a smart ass. She is never professional, always really rude.

r1sh121828d ago

loool.. OMG is the guy recording this an employee too?
If he is, hes also insulting a customer.
All employees sign a data protection act as part of the employment contract, and she violated it even by joking.
Oh well, shes out of a job

SouthClaw1828d ago

You cannot violate the data protection act without actually giving out information... Moron.

Mini05101828d ago

probably another customer recording with a cell phone

r1sh121828d ago

Youre funny.
Its the intent - read the data protection act.
Theres 2 ammendments regarding intent.

Not my fault you cannot comprehend the act, since you have probably only read 3 lines from it..

FanOfRootBeer1828d ago

It's not funny if you're an oversensitive, paranoid dickbag who'd rather cause a scene and stroke your ego publicly than enjoy a game.

Heartnet1828d ago

No just he was outspoken whilst ur a shy lil bastard....

People like privacy and didnt want a bunch of trolls having his email adress....

If he didnt cause a scence no1 else would have and she wud still be in a job she doenst deserve... Youve just said that its okay to be douchebags just sit back and take it... Never stand up for urself... strange way of thinking you got there... go to china.. ud love it ^^

LordDhampire1828d ago

it was a joke, jesus christ, all you kids are little girls who like to cry

HardcoreGamer1828d ago

i really didnt like her attitude. ALL OF IT WAS SARCASM, Oh man i felt really bad for the guy, he was being humuliated. i would of felt the same as this guy. she getting support from other ppl about the "pissing contest" that my friends is pure bitc3

Blaze9291828d ago

nerd rage - rofl at that title

showtimefolks1828d ago

and they want women in GTA lol

otherZinc1828d ago

That dude was wrong, period.!
She should've beat his [email protected]!

itBourne1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Are you freaking kidding me? She JOKED about it... have none of you guys been to a midnight launch for anything, its not a federal court, people arent wearing suits and ties, its a good time.

This is whats wrong with this country, people can be bitches about everything, he is probably going to be able to sue her for 3 million dollars in court too now... like wtf... hope he sleeps well at night knowing someone lost their income because he is a vagina.

dragon821828d ago

I don't have a problem with her getting upset with a guy who is being a d-bag. Where I have a problem is when she started egging on the crowd to help her go after him. This is VERY unacceptable for anyone in the customer service business. Especially a person in a management position. They honestly didn't have a choice in firing her because it was caught on video.

itBourne1828d ago

I agree with you, that part was unacceptable, just the joke about his business email for holding up the line tho, that isnt even a big deal.

This guy needs to grow a set of balls though as well. He obviously should of picked up nintendogs or something, because if he is offended that easy he has the wrong game lol.

BoriboyShoGUN1828d ago

How can you expect to pickup a game thats been completely paid off with just a name and a phone number. But yeah she fueled the fire instead of just saying Thank You goodnight Sir! Thank You goodnight Sir! Thank You goodnight Sir!

josephayal1828d ago

Dude probably went home and shot a bunch of women in GTA

nerdeu1828d ago


Your name shrieks "powertrip" all over it so think before being judgmental next time.

By the way: the woman was WRONG. She didn't respect GameStop policy (at all) and gave the company a bad reputation. Therefore she is fired. He is just a customer and took her by surprise. She deserved it. End of discussion. More people should be like this guy. It's not like he is stealing from GameStop. They make profit on his, and all other gamers', interest. The customer is ALWAYS right because these people are employed by costumers in a larger perspective.

MASTER_RAIDEN1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

absolutely not. the man made a scene that was completely irrational. manager or not, this video needs to be on americas funniest. the man was ridiculous and absolutely deserved a lot more than what he got. perhaps the joke about the email wasnt as professional as she should have been, but you have to remember shes a human being too. when faced with that sort of hostility people tend to become flustered and say a thing or 2 they dont always mean to say. just because a person is a customer doesnt necessarily mean they have a right to be as loud and ignorant as they possibly can be. in that same respect just because a person is a manager does not mean theyre some kind of customer service robot. people make mistakes but she should not have been fired.

MiloGarret1828d ago

"But, according to a YouTube comment she’s now been fired."

YouTube comment is the source.

Good shit.

saywat2471828d ago

aaaand this is why a female shouldn't run a business dominated by males!!! fucking cunt this "manager" was.

quaneylfc1828d ago

my my, don't you put the cunt in thick, commenting cunts well done dickhead

harbie1828d ago

He's an idiot, but she should have never treated him like that anyway and certainly not threatened him.

Avalanche1828d ago

yeah.... an email sensitive.

vallencer1828d ago

to be honest she probably didn't get fired for that. There are a few things wrong in this video that as a store manager shouldn't be the way it is. The obvious one is the back door being propped open while people are in the store also people aren't allowed to take pictures or record video inside the store unless otherwise told they can. Any store knows that customers can be dicks and people aren't robots so sometimes the smartass comes out or the dick but everyone is human. I think the whole situation was a bit stupid to be honest. On both accounts.

Celeras1828d ago

1) Dude was a bigger dickhead than the lady.

2) An email on your business card is not sensitive info.

3) Trying to use your business card as a photo ID is asinine.

harbie1824d ago

Having to be ID'd is retarded.