New Gravity Rush Video Teases New Game Together With Beautiful Bonus Wallpapers for Vita, PC, Phones

Today a video was shown on the screen in front of Sony Computer Entertainment's Tokyo Game Show booth, the video teased "a new project from team gravity". Team Gravity is of course the team behind the critically acclaimed PS Vita title Gravity Rush.

Sony Computer Entertainment has now published the video, together with a set of absolutely stunning Gravity Rush wallpapers for PS Vita, Smartphones and PC.

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sinncross1580d ago

Oh man.. I loved the first. Was a real gem. I really loved the sort of 'japaneseesque' feel of it which many JPN games have lost as games become more Western focus.

Cant wait for this. Hope its good.

LiQuiZoN1580d ago

Looks cool. Firstvonevwas good.

insomnium21580d ago

I bet you replied using your phone. I get those same "v"-letters sometimes when trying to push space.

H4all1580d ago

wow that so beautiful...

love it.. gravity rush is my favorite game...

abc12331580d ago

FINALLY! And Sony said there would be no more reveals...trolls.

Nicaragua1580d ago

will it be vita or PS4 ?

Not that it matters since i will buy it regardless

abc12331580d ago

Looking at those graphics I HIGHLY doubt it's PS4

xxPillsxx1580d ago

I'd really really really really rather it to keep being PS Vita exclusive tho.

Raf1k11580d ago

Agreed. As much as I'd love a game with this kind of art style and cell shading on PS4 I wouldn't want to take it away from the Vita.

There was a game revealed recently for PS4 which had awesome looking cell-shaded graphics which I'm really looking forward to. Can't remember the name of it but really hope it come to the west.

LemonSlice1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Im pretty sure he talked about Lily Bergamo

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The story is too old to be commented.