Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes Demo Reaction - TGS 2013

IGN's Keza and Jose breakdown every awesome thing Snake did in the latest demo from the Tokyo Game Show.

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GrandpaSnake1790d ago

looked like the aiming was pretty similar to mgs4, i loved everything about it. Carrying people is so cool now i hated how it was so slow in mgs4. LOL @ " o h man i got spotted, let me put on a bazooka or something and see how i can handle the situation".... lol i would never do that.

xer01790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

I don't think the IGN staff even played MGS4.
What's with the comparisons with Splinter Cell?

The so called splinter cell features were in MGS4.

When will they learn... they can't compare MGS with Splinter Cell.

MGS is Epic.

KrimsonKody1790d ago

I agree.
Even Hitman Absolution took notes from Metal Gear.

CrossingEden1790d ago

Considering that both MGS and Splinter cell feature grizzled stealth protagonist who wear skin tight stealth suits it's no wonder that they inevitably get compared.

mcstorm1790d ago

I am really looking forward to this game and after seeing it I think I will pick splinter cell up on the WiiU to get me ready for this games as they both look like they have taken ideas from each other.

chrissx1790d ago

The game looks solid. Anticipating it

shaft01401790d ago

I want to see current-gen gameplay.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1790d ago

This was the current gen gameplay. If these IGN people think that this was the next gen version then they wrong. Saturday is when we see the next gen version. Its a whole new demo and it takes place during the day.

shaft01401790d ago

Seriously? Wow. I'm impressed. I will be one of those few who won't buy the next-gen hardware, so I'll have to stick with the current-gen version.

cyclindk1790d ago

Wow, looks fantastic.

One critique on the visuals though, but something seemed "off." Like Snake and the other character looked "more real" than the environment, which was not bad, but noticeable. I'm sure it's a long way from complete, but it was just something that stood out. Maybe it was the quality of the footage.

Snake looked particularly shiny and realistically wet, but the ground seemed too dry and just not as on-target as the character model, but still awesome to see.

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