Vagrant Story Creator Announces Unsung Story Series

See more of the new fantasty world game called Untold Story: Tale of the Guardians

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Inception1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Holy s*! Matsuno is back! \^^/
I really enjoy his latest game, Crimson Shroud (reccomended for anyone who loves RPG and have a 3DS). And i will definitely keep an eye on this one, even though i don't really like card game...

Fishermenofwar1587d ago

Hey do you like this series..I couldn't get that from your post..LOL

RPGs keep me in gaming...

AceofStaves1587d ago

I'll buy this. It doesn't matter what sort of games they are. It's Matsuno, and that's all I need to know.

kalkano1587d ago

Part of me wants to get excited...but, I have a feeling this will be a digital-only Super Nintendo game...

Tapani1587d ago

He's back!!! This is the moment I have been waiting for!

Livingon6001587d ago

I agree guys, anything with Matsuno on is a must buy! Even his friggin' socks!!

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