Deep Down TGS 2013 Gameplay Video Leaked Online

Someone obviously recorded a video featuring players playing Capcom's upcoming RPG Deep Down at this year's TGS. The video shows a demo where players can use spears to attack monsters. Charcters move relatively slowly in battle, probably becase they are carring heavy weapons. There are destructible vases in the dungeon but it is not clear what loots players can get from them.

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ZBlacktt1831d ago

Didn't know they were leaks when we've seen others posted already from the show?

PoSTedUP1831d ago

lol. this must be some Top Secrete s*** right here.

PirateKing1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

Same demo everyone else has been playing so far. IGN even had a stream of people playing it yesterday from Ustream. So much for "leaked" footage.

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BX811831d ago

Camera needs some work.