Final Fantasy XV Gets A “New” Trailer At Tokyo Game Show

Square Enix shared a “new” trailer for Final Fantasy XV at the Tokyo Game Show, and Final Fantasy Network managed to record it off the livestream.

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FlameHawk1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

This is the same trailer with like a little bit of new gameplay.
Final Fantasy XV, coming 2020, also Kingdom Hearts 3 in coming 2050.

Lavalamp1765d ago

It's a mash-up of the existing media, plus two brief moments of new footage. There's the scene with the Leviathan knocking Noctis off the bridge and then a clip of Noctis speaking to Ignis through a hologram.

FlameHawk1765d ago

I was honestly expecting new gameplay from a new scene but it does look better, the framerate drops are gone atleast.

wishingW3L1765d ago

you see frame-rate drops from Youtube's capped frame-rate and on top of it recorded from a laggy stream? Give me a break... lol

Irishguy951764d ago

Most of it isn't gameplay anyhow.

black0o1765d ago

nothing new here .. it's a remix of the E3

AceBlazer131765d ago

I'm gonna be a grown ass man when this and kh3 comes out.Please square don't let be a 30 year old playing a game with Disney characters.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1765d ago

There's absolutely nothing wrong with being 30 years old and playing and enjoying games like Kingdom Hearts. I don't care how old I am I will never stop playing games. This notion that you have to be in you teens and early twenties to play video games is absurd.

AceBlazer131765d ago

I have no problem with it personally,I love kingdom hearts,it's more mature than most games around.But it just gets annoying trying to explain it to people as is I can imagine if I hit adulthood.It's almost as frustrating as trying to explain one piece.

Edi0071765d ago

i think is for Q4 2015 or Q1 2016 because they will release they 13 lightning return in 2014 and the ps4 final fantasy 14 so they will not release a 3 final fantasy title in same year even if its ready

Edi0071765d ago

yes and final fantasy agito for IOS hhhhhh

Kluv1765d ago

I don't care if it's just two clips. I don't care if noctis simply changed his damn shoes. I've been so deprived of information on this game for too damn long to deny myself salivating over even one millisecond of new footage. o.O

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The story is too old to be commented.