Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Tokyo Game Show 2013 trailer

Tokyo Game Show is in full swing and Lightning Returns is there in a big way. Aside from being playable and taking over a stage event, the game has an all-new trailer for the show.

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prodg521765d ago

I never played the other two games, but I like the way this one looks. I can get the other two for cheap now, but I've been told to skip the first one. Can you pick up the second game and understand what's going on without playing XIII?

Capt-FuzzyPants1765d ago

You can if you read the plot of the first one, but it'll be confusing if you don't read a summary or anything and just jump right into the 2nd one.

prodg521765d ago

They're cheap enough so I might as well go ahead and get both. Thanks for the info.

Kalebninja1765d ago

the first was good but way too long and had alot of walking and fighting and got really boring but play it anyway

Ksar1765d ago

i liked 13 and loved 13-2... cant wait for this.