Xbox One Power Supply Specs Revealed, Size Compared with X360

Xbox fans who want to know some details on Xbox One power supply specification, we have some great news for you, some images has been shared on internet detailing Xbox One power supply specs (for both International and North American versions) and also comparing size with Xbox 360 power supply.

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Mario181833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Let's compare the Xbox One power brick to the PS4

Xbox One:


JokesOnYou1833d ago

Non-issue. I only see my 360 powerbrick when I move my entertainment center to clean....OMG its so heavy! lol, but seriously nobody cared. It seems only extreme fanboys care about X1 having a powerbrick now.

thrust1833d ago

The ps4 has a power brick but it is internal!

if people think it doesnt then they are nuts!

MasterCornholio1833d ago

But its internal which is why nobody cares.

P.S its internal and the PS4 is smaller than the Xbox One which says a lot about Microsoft's engineers.

Nexus Nexus 7 2013

DOMination-1833d ago

PS4 is more likely to overheat because its internal and the console is smaller than xb1

Gekko361833d ago

@All It's a power supply FFS.

If it was something like an external disk drive, then fair enough.

With all the nit picking I'm sure Microsofts head is clear of lice.


tigertom531833d ago

am sure the power supply is big to power the Kinect and if the power supply goes bad it doesn't mean you have to send the console out to be fixed or replaced..

torchic1833d ago

highly doubt Microsoft thought that far with the design.

it's simple, they just couldn't fit the brick into the machine. dude trust me if Microsoft were given the opportunity to make you buy a new console just because the power brick is dead you could safely bet your life that they would follow through on that idea.

B-radical1833d ago

why the hell is it 240 wats! kinnect wouldn't use that much surely.....maybe there planning ahead for them glasses?

SignifiedSix911833d ago

Dat power brick is nicer than the PS4 to be honest.

Also, I'd rather have an external power source than internal just for the fact if it took a sh**, i wouldnt have to replace the whole console.

Something you'll have to do with your ps4 if it happens.

NextGen24Gamer1832d ago

Basically PS4 is 120W or less .
No wonder Cherny itself said it is less than PS3 Super SLim

If the total wattage is 100-120W
then you can imagine the APU it self will only have 50-70W (max)

***) to put in context XB1 rated > 500-560W in AC, but 253 is max wattage in DC, 215 TDP
**) PS4 is rated 250W in AC, so max is 110W in DC, TDP will be 100W or less

DoesUs1832d ago

Must be those extra DGPU'S?

Parapraxis1829d ago Show
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AznGaara1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Hate power bricks. I like keeping my wires nice and organized. Then my stupid Wii and 360 power bricks mess all that up lol.

forcefullpower1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Same here. When you only have a small amount of space in a media center. Trying to fit onkyo, center speaker, tivo, HP microserver, network hub, 360, wii & ps3. As you say the min you try and fit the 360 or the wii it screw it all up trying to hide a great big brick. admittdly the wii one was smaller but the same diff. Hate the power brick on the tivo as well but that is the same size as the wii.

Magicite1833d ago

not many ppl have that.

4Sh0w1832d ago

People complain about the stupidest things, I have a ton of electronics in my entertainment center and I can easily hide the bricks because of the long cord so you can put it in the back on the floor or underneath the entertainment center.

Agent_00_Revan1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

It's even slightly bigger then the 360s! With the size of the system too, that must be one heavy box. Wonder how it compares to the original 60GB PS3s.

MineHaxx1833d ago

It's big as the Wii Power Supply...

ziggurcat1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

of course he is.

he's taking the xbone consuming more power to equal a more powerful system. the reality is that it means that the xbone is horribly inefficient in its power consumption compared to PS4.

this fake NDA can't get "lifted" soon enough so that their nonsense can stop.

bahabeast1833d ago

i dnt understand why the brick is soo friggin huge. the box is already big with no brick in it and now this huge thing hanging from it. i guess its just open space inside the xbox one make sure it dosnt overheat.

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