PS3 Exclusive JRPG Battle Princess of Arcadias Gests a New Trailer Showcasing Giant Boss Battles

If you read previous posts about Nippon Ichi’s PS3 exclusive side scrolling JRPG Battle Princess of Arcadias, you know that the game will let you lead an army called “Princess Corps” against giant bosses at the end of each stage. Today's new trailer shows just that.

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cero551827d ago

hopefully the bosses move more in the final game...

tarbis1827d ago

This game needs to be localized too. C'mon Japan, stop hogging all the PS3 and PSV games. T_T

George Sears1827d ago

That red monster reminds me of that Pokemon in Ruby,

FamilyGuy1827d ago

I was just about to say that!

Also, this game's got nothing on Dragon's Crown (side scroller beat em up) but probably fun enough too.

medziarz1827d ago

Hey that actually looks cool :D