Do the smart thing: Dont get the Xbox One or PS4, yet

MWEB GameZone writer, Zaid Kriel, takes a look at why it would be the smart thing to wait before you buy the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One

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PandaMcBearface1833d ago

To be fair I won't be getting an Xbox One or a PS4 yet because I can't afford either ;)

falcon971833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Yes you can't afford either because they are not worth the money they are selling at,well i suppose the ps4 is worth $350 but it's got a bluray player and a fairly big HDD that we don't need and them 2 things are not power related or spec related yet it adds a good $50 to $75 to the console so with a 32 GB HDD and no bluray the ps4 would be $279 or something like that and Sony would still make a profit,basically ps4 is giving you things you don't need 32GB HDD is good enough to download a few games then just get a 2 TB HDD simple plus not everyone wants to even download games,some people just want physical copies so i just think a wiiu strategy would of been better,and everyone has a bluray so why force another one on people just to drive up costs ??? basically wiiu with a 500GB HDD and bluray would be an extra $50 easy so when you add that to wiiu's original price of $350 that would be $400 ??? Sony stop forcing a bluray player and HDD on people when it's just not needed...

Basically this is how it is...

PS4 should cost $279 without bluray and big HDD,specially when we have Netflix,Amazon instant,LoveFilm,Now TV,ect ect....but with bluray and HDD it's quite fair at $350 but these 2 things are not performance related so don't add to gameplay or power of the console so in my eyes are not needed...

WiiU should cost $350 but we know it's $300 due to Nintendo taking a loss,it also has more tech then ps4,Gamepad and edram/edram cache and custom chips are all very expensive alot more than GDDR5 RAM and SRAM and off the shelf chips ?? Nintendo are taking a loss Sony arn't should tell you that Nintendo's console has more expensive tech,GDDR5 RAM is the only expensive thing on ps4 the off the shelf components ie chips are fairl cheap..

Xbox1 should cost $400 as it has lots more tech than both wiiu or ps4 but its mainly for multimedia not gaming but it still should cost more than both in my eyes....

Choc_Salties1833d ago

Well hopefully they pay more attention to their manufacturing processes

GabeSA1833d ago

This consoles will come out with warranties which will most likely be very good, as it was with the current generation consoles. I don't think that waiting a year is going to make a difference. When the Xbox360 and PS3 were launched, it was some time later when the consoles were "upgraded" (exclude Xbox Here except with the HDMI standard feature on all its consoles) over a period of 2-3 years. If you plan on waiting, then wait for 2-3 years, but then anticipate not experiencing the console during that time, whilst others do. I don't think that holding out is beneficial, as I still have the original PS3 which I bought in 2009. It works fine and I was never tempted to buy the Slim or Super Slim, because the hardware was the same. I think the same will be for PS4 and Xbox One. That's my opinion.

plut0nash1833d ago

Some people kept their old consoles and still use them today.

thechosenone1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Nah I think I'll go ahead and keep my PS4 pre-order thank you very much. I'm sick of this gen and all the amazing games Sony's been showing off lately has me beyond hyped. I aint waitin' for sshhhht.

ForgivenZombie1829d ago

I'm excited for PS4, people complain about the launch lineup and I think it's one of the better line ups IMO. I will be picking up at least 4 games at launch.

BG115791833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

At this point I will be stupid and do what ever I want with my money.
I definitly buy the console of the constructor that cared and applied what costumers and developpers desired since the beginning.
It's my way to say I agree with what they did...
So yeah day one fot me too.

Oh yeah by the way, I have one year of constructors' warrantie plus three years of stores' warrantie. I think I'm covered.

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